Monday, November 24, 2014

Old House gone, Horses and Longhorns coming.

Some of you may remember a post I made here some time back about the old house just across 118 and to the south of the legion. Well its gone now and rumor has it that it will eventually be replaced by a restaurant and lounge.

Now about a quarter mile or so south of where that old house used to stand we have the corral in the two above pictures. Rumor has it that the corral will be used to contain Longhorn cattle if for no other reason for tourists to gawk at as they drive by headed to the real resorts down south. Fortunately this is about 1000 feet from my front door across 118 so maybe I won't be getting the smell of bullshit except when the wind is out of the east. That seems to be the prevailing wind a good bit of the year.

And the man responsible for all of this is likely driving that buggy down 118. This may be considered progress by some, but to me its more like the song below.

Little Man by Alan Jackson

Monday, November 17, 2014

145 degrees in Terlingua?

Last Friday when I checked the weather on this is what came up. I think the 145 degrees was a slight Boo Boo because it felt more like 45 degrees. Of course it could be that I've finally become climatized to the Terlingua heat? A hundred degree difference in one day. WOW!

Friday was my 67th birthday and there was a birthday party at the Legion for me. Wasn't a big party because there was a concert put on by Jim & Anna elsewhere, but the few that showed up had a good time. To borrow a phrase from one of George Goss' songs "Welcome to the Bad Lands" Where the Wine and Tequila Flows There weren't no Wine, but enough Tequila, beer and whiskey to sink a battle ship. Or at least sink most of the people there including me!

The weather was perfect for the party and it was basically held out on the patio. Upper 70s, sunny and a very slight breeze.

I was up to my old tricks and invented a new Tequila, lime and coconut fudge made with 9 ounces of tequila, lime, white chocolate, and coconut. Turned out a lot better than I expected and added to the effects of the drinks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

RAIN!!! / 500 gallons of catchment!

Should have gotten about 800 gallons of catchment if the catchment system wasn't still leaking. Unfortunately the roof is still leaking to and I got a few gallons in here to. I'm up to 1100 gallons in the 1550 gallon catchment tank and its supposed to rain through Friday. Now if I don't have some other disaster that should hold me a long time. I spent the night without power because its been so dark the solar just isn't cutting it. All the parishables out of the fridge are now in an ice chest.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Terlingua Dreams / MsBelinda

Well the chili cook off is over which meant that the heat is gone to and I was able to go down south today for some much needed  supplies and a shower. The shower will probably make a lot of people in this area happy. ;) I've got to get another water pump!

MsB stopped by bearing gifts as usual and part of that was Nestle's hot coco mix with mini marshmallows which I love to put in my coffee in the mornings. Also water, cans of tuna and a number of other things.

She said she doesn't have internet service at home anymore because they raised the price way high so she dumped it. She asked me to tell the bloggers that know her to say Hi. She also said she would try to stay in touch by using the internet at the library.

Jerry (Modern Day Redneck) didn't make it back by, but I'm sure he will post on his blog before long to let us know how he scored cooking chili. Hope he made the grade!

Hope everyone has a good one...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Been a while!

Well once again the Chili Cook Off is going on down here and as usual the flow of RVs and traffic headed south on 118 has been Quazuppled (New word to add to dictionaries and it means a lot more than quadrupled) We have been having some beautiful weather lately, but as you might guess the weather has changed. Fairly high wind, cloudy and and cool now that the cook off is going on.

Also as usual I'm sure Study Butte and Terlingua are inundated with the usual heat. DPS, Sheriff's department and about every other known state and federal heat you can think of. Personally I'll be glad to see that reversed. I stocked up as best as I could so as not to have to go south during the event, but supplies are running a little low. I'll make it though.

Some of the stuff I stocked up on was beans, chili, pancake & waffle mix, onion and I already had potatoes (Which I need to fry up.) I've eaten so many pancakes and burritos made with thin pancakes that they are running out my ears so to speak. Actually the burritos turned out pretty darned good considering I didn't have any cheese to put on them.

I have one more can of Spam left along with spaghetti and sauce so I'm debating on whether I'll use the spam for that or maybe make another batch of fried potatoes, onion, beans and add the spam to it. In any case it will make enough to get me by until after the chili cook off is history for one more year.

BTW I haven't been south since I came back from Odessa I think on the 24th. Had another bout of leg infection, but this time I wasn't hard headed and went soon after I discovered it. The VA actually came though and I'm well on the way to being mended. They also got me back on the medication they had cut me off of so that helps a lot to.

For those who follow Modern Day Redneck's blog him and his wife stopped by a couple of days ago on their way to the chili cook off. He said he had finally gotten enough points to cook at this one. Hope they have good luck and win! They were both impressed with my view from here and he said they had never been here before and couldn't believe the size of the mountains down here. Haven't seen any sign of MsB yet, but hope she stops by on her way home.

While I was in Odessa the International Oil Show was going on. You think the chili cook off is big? Well the oil show which takes up the whole Odessa Colosseum and all the grounds around it fills up with high tech oil drilling equipment and about everything else oilfield related.  Of course with all of the oil $$$ there (can you say Dallas the TV series?) Vegas show girls are brought in to spice the place up. It used to be open to the public and I loved to go out there for the scenery ;) and also all the free stuff given away. Usually left with a couple of large cloth shopping bags full of all kinds of cool stuff and an urge to go to Vegas. Unfortunately its closed to the public now days.

The pictures above was a new one! Four high $$$ airplanes were flown in to the airport about 2 miles away and towed to some parking areas across from the Colosseum by some of the mules like the blue one seen in the last photo. No trailers used and the planes were not disassembled. Need less to say that made sort of a parade with police behind them escorting them back to the air port when the show was over. Sure screwed up traffic on the highway!

My Sureflow water pump had burned out when I got home because of a leak that sprang up and it pumped until the voltage got low and burned up. In a way I guess its good that it burned up because I didn't loose all the water, but probably another couple of hundred gallons. I think I'm jinxed as far as water goes!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another landmark going away.

This old house has been here since who knows when. I've been told at one time it was used for the Terlingua Ranch's original sales office, but don't know that for sure.The stone work around the bottom portion of the house was really great and there was also a bath tub made of the same type stone in the bathroom. It sure looked uncomfortable to me though. Almost looked like volcanic rick was used. Anyway the house is slowly but surely being disassembled and will soon be gone. I don't have a clue what will take its place? This house is located catty cornered from the Legion and on the opposit side of Legion Road and facing highway 118.

And below is a picture of 9 points getting squashed by clouds. I wonder if it was foggy up there?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Back When - Sage Blooming

My niece Amy and I at her wedding many a moon ago. My brother had passed away and it fell on me to be the one to give her away. John Wells asked who she was when my nephew posted this on FB and I've had several other people ask who she was since then. Now you all know. She is married guys!

Can't believe I was so clean cut!

And a few pictures showing the sage blooming. I had to enhance the colors to bring out the purple so all other colors got enhanced to. Too bad it doesn't really look this good around here.