Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh Really??? Part II of III or IV.

Still mo good answers as to the cause of Alex' death. From what I hear (Reasonably good intel) The toxicology report was negative, No cause of death has been determined yet and the hold up now is a report from the Texas Fire Marshal's office I suppose on the cause of the fire. There are still all sorts of rumors floating around about it.


And now debunking the rest of the BS on the flier in the last post.

(4) Alex quit his job as Bar Manager at the legion because the commander would not let him do his job and he was tired of his BS. Alex and Karen were good friends at the time of his death.

(5) Alex had good reason to turn his back on the legion and the commander. He was tired of the BS.

(6) Alex turned his back on the Vice-Commander??? That is more BS! The Vice-Commander and Alex got along fine. As a matter of fact he did work for the Vice-Commander after he quit the legion.

(7) Oh and I did say that Alex was NOT kicked out of the military he received an Honorable Discharge.

(8) Alex was never a member of the legion, but he could have been. He told me he didn't want to have to put up with all the BS so wouldn't join. Can't say that I blamed him!

(9) The protesters were perfectly within their rights to protest. They were also doing it on private property, were given permission to have it there and you had no control over it. It could still be going on and you couldn't do a damn thing about it. You sending the young deputy over there to tell them you wanted it shut down by midnight was a total joke.

(10) Most of the protesters weren't in the military during war time? Look who's talking. You may have been in the service during the Vietnam Era, but that DOES NOT make you a Vietnam Vet! You wearing the Vietnam Vet cap is lying by deception and is also called Theft of Valor.

(11) Whoops... MORE BS about the Big Bend Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

Fact is that Wes was on scene within 15 minutes of receiving the call about the fire. Terlingua Fire and EMS were already on scene as well as the sheriff's department which means that who ever was SUPPOSED to contact BBVVFD contacted Terlingua Fire and EMS at least 45 minutes before the BBVVFD was contacted. Now this opens you up for scrutiny over the things you have pulled trying to sabotage BBVVFD and I'll make that a totally new post for that.

As for Lee getting arrested? Lee was doing what Lee does. Trying to help out people in need. That whole thing reeks of a setup! Lee has done more for American legion Post 653 than you could ever imagine or ever hope to do yourself. He has also done more for this area than anyone else. As far as BBVVFD it was started by him and 99% of its support comes from his pocket. Where does Terlingua Fire and EMS get their support? State and Federal grants which they don't want to share with BBVVFD!

OH! And one thing I had forgotten about is that flier was more than likely printed on the printer Alex donated to the legion. Now ain't that a kick in the head???

Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh Really???

The flier above was posted on the American Legion Post 653's (Terlingua, Texas) bulletin board. This was a month after the protest over the way the legion handled Alex and for that matter other veterans needs. I say a month after, but I didn't see it until the flier was handed to me. That protest was after Alex' death.

I feel it my duty to get the truth out about this BS! First off NO I didn't break the law by going there because I am banned from there over trumped up BULLSHIT charges even though there were plenty of witnesses to dispute those claims. Alex was banned from there a couple of days later. The fliers were handed to me by a woman who is still able to go there.

(1) Yes Alex was given a job there. (First by me because the woman he bought the land from emailed me asking me to watch out for him because he was having a rough time. I gave him a job as bartender.)

(2) The motor home purchased by the commander was NOT for Alex it was purchased because the commander got a good deal on it and planned to use it for his own use later. Alex was charged RENT on it. Alex got help from quiet a few other people including me.

(3) Alex was given Food and Money???

Alex WORKED for his MONEY both as a bar tender and working with other people on his off time.

As for given food? Guess what folks everyone else was to after it was donated to the public at the legion as a food bank and not by the legion. (exception would be food purchased by the legion for pot luck suppers (and a lot of times by the bartenders.) About all of them did that INCLUDING Alex (out of their own pockets.)

Thanks Chuck and Cathy for the groceries that supported this area along with Mike at the Family Crisis Center. And of course the Bar Tenders, Members and customers.

I'll address the rest of the BULLSHIT on that flier on the next blog (With a lot more BS exposer)

OH! BTW Alex was not booted out of the army. He was HONORABLY discharged, but the AHs at the legion keep wanting to defame him.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Latest on Alex.

A post on FB from his mother.
We are ALL still looking for answers.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

More bad news from Terlingua Ranch.

From the Brewster County Sheriff's Blotter on FB. Alex was a good guy and we will miss him.


EB...Short of (Extra Big) Dog

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gate Party & More

I'd been intending to put up gates on both ends of the road that runs through my property every since the Suber ruling, but doing it myself was out of the question and lack of funds postponed it also. Recently some of my friends offered to put the first one up free of charge (including the material) Now how  could I turn down a deal like that? Anyway I'd been having to put up with a few speeders flying through my property kicking up dust, rocks and turning the little sharp rocks that cause flats and blowouts up. I have a few videos of that happening. I'll be adding the front gate as soon as I can, but it will more than likely just be a chain gate. Disregard the birdies behind the gate. Seen in the lower picture are my friends (left to right) Phil, Judy, Mike, Lisa and Ron. Thanks a bunch guys and gals!

As you can see in the above picture all the wild flowers have gone away and the yuccas seem to be about the only things blooming now. I want to try and get the trike going again soon where I can chain something to drag behind it and drag down the remnants of the wild flowers around here. They could lend to wild fires real easily. Of course I'd only do that up around the cabin and trailer area.

One of my aunts suggested some time back that I try one of the screen curtains for a screen for the cabin so the last time I went to Alpine I found one at the hardware store there. I had my doubts as to how long it would last with the high wind, but it has done pretty good so far. The magnets are just snapped together through the curtain and the wind blowing them around and slamming them up against the building some times has caused them to pop off. I've been using super glue to put them back on so once all are done like that I hope all will be well. It does catch most of the bugs and insures that no bats fly in here during the evenings chasing bugs.

Another one of my friends (Hollywood) brought by the two geodes yesterday and gave them to me. One of his friends cut them for him. After looking at them I'm pretty sure I've seen some of the raw ones around here, but where I've seen them who knows. Looks like I need to use the range extenders and go looking. The pictures do NOT do justice to the crystals inside them.

The heat is getting here slowly, but surely. Its 100 degrees here right now, but I can deal with that with a fan blowing on me in here and in a breeze outside. I'm not looking forward to the 115+ temps again, but I can run the AC when need be.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mo Pix 04/30/2015

Foliage is trying to over grow my dam. That's ok though might help it hold water. I still need to extend it about another 20 feet to ever have a good sized pond after rains.

The Lechuguillas are doing good as is everything else after the wet winter. I tried my best to find some of the other types of cactus that I have seen here before, but this is a big place and I couldn't remember where I'd seen them before so maybe later? (Probably after the blooms are gone) Grrr.

Below are my Range Extenders. (Crutches I picked up off the porch at the legion) They have extended my range of hunting by a bunch, but now I need a back pack and folding stool to be able to do much now days.

And below is a picture of the target I'm using now. I was shooting an M1 Garand from almost 100 yards away using open or battle field sights. (No Scope) I love those M1 Garands!


Monday, April 27, 2015