Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another landmark going away.

This old house has been here since who knows when. I've been told at one time it was used for the Terlingua Ranch's original sales office, but don't know that for sure.The stone work around the bottom portion of the house was really great and there was also a bath tub made of the same type stone in the bathroom. It sure looked uncomfortable to me though. Almost looked like volcanic rick was used. Anyway the house is slowly but surely being disassembled and will soon be gone. I don't have a clue what will take its place? This house is located catty cornered from the Legion and on the opposit side of Legion Road and facing highway 118.

And below is a picture of 9 points getting squashed by clouds. I wonder if it was foggy up there?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Back When - Sage Blooming

My niece Amy and I at her wedding many a moon ago. My brother had passed away and it fell on me to be the one to give her away. John Wells asked who she was when my nephew posted this on FB and I've had several other people ask who she was since then. Now you all know. She is married guys!

Can't believe I was so clean cut!

And a few pictures showing the sage blooming. I had to enhance the colors to bring out the purple so all other colors got enhanced to. Too bad it doesn't really look this good around here.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Water Water Everywhere, but not in my tank.

Got another .3 inches of rain last night along with a really nasty electrical storm. Lightning was hitting all around here and some sounded REALLY close. The inverter cut out twice when close lightning hit and I sure didn't know it would do that unless maybe it was a direct hit. Both times the inverter reset its self and the power came back on with in a few seconds. At least this time there was no high wind or hail.

I should have gotten about 60 gallons out of that .3 inches, but I doubt I got much at all because of the below.

The black stuff in there is gnats that have made their way in to the opening going in to the tank and with the very small screen filter had more or less completely covered the screen. I need to come up with a better filtration setup, but for now I have this cleaned out so hopefully when I get more rain I'll actually get water out of it.

I know the thought of this is probably gross to some, but that fine screen does at least keep the water inside pretty clean. Of course some people actually drink their rain catchment, but I don't. I add bleach to it occasionally, but just use that water for showers, washing dishes, flushing the toilet and stuff like that. I buy my drinking water separate from hauled or catchment water. I have heard of people finding lizards, mice and lots of bugs floating around in their tanks. I'll just have to keep the screen clean!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A gift from MyPalAl. He's back down here from Canada and was planning to sample some of our SUMMER temps, but he screwed up and brought the Canadian temps with him. Low last night was 57 COLD degrees. Well its cold to me and I guess Shelah to because now she is wanting in the cabin which is very rare now days. Three days ago the high was 106 degrees and today is supposed to be in the low 70s. UG! Now... About the whiskey its premo Canadian whiskey in a place where most people that drink Canadian whiskey drink the cheap stuff. This will be reserved for sipping! Considering a jug of the cheap stuff down here costs $19. it would cost a Canadian over $60 in Canada so I figured he paid an arm and a leg for the Wiser's. However, he wasn't missing any of his limbs when he got here so I suppose they made him take out a bank loan to buy it.

On another note there is going to be a fund raiser meal at the Legion today which I believe starts at 5:00 or 6:00 PM. The proceeds will be going I think to the Family Outreach Center so it will be going to a good cause. From what I hear, but am not 100% sure of the meal will consist of fish steaks and I'm not sure what else. If you choose to come and support the Sons of the Legion with this fund raiser and get a meal out of it then come on to the legion. You can bring a side dish if you like (sort of a pot luck) to go with the meal. The cost for the meal is I believe under $8 so it shouldn't break the bank and will support a good cause. There is supposed to also be a skeet shoot starting at 2:00 so you might want to bring a shotgun and some ammo for that. (That could be hampered or canceled because of High Wind though!) Its been blowing non stop since yesterday afternoon and shows no sign of letting up. It is also extremely cloudy here and still 59 degrees. You would want to bring warm clothing. There may or may not be entertainment also. Sorry for not having my act together on this, but I've only received a few "I think" comments from others about it.

Below are just some pictures for filler.

The moon shot was the night after the super moon and unfortunately it was too dark for the camera to capture the full view. It was rising over 9 points where there is a divot on top of the mountain. It appeared to be rising out of the mountain in that divot. It was awesome!

And as a warning to travelers. They are taring and graveling 118 from the Ranch Road to the ghost town so it s a mess from what I hear. I bought the last windshield repair kit they had at the little store at the Ranch Road. So far I haven't had to go south, but sooner or later I'll have to. Every time they do that I get more dings in  the jeep windshield. I took the Caddy back to my niece last week and it was a good thing!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cloudy, Cloudy, Cloudy!

Been putting up with this almost daily and today is no exception. The above picture was taken yesterday. All the clouds with no rain sure screws up the solar and means no AC running off of solar even though its still hot and muggy. It had gotten up to 108 earlier, but the temp is now down to 100 with the clouds.

This was taken last night and there was one heck of a lightning storm going on on the other side of 9 Points Mesa. It was far enough away that you couldn't hear any thunder, but the show was spectacular and I sat out front and watched it until about 10:30 last night. Would have sure made for some good photos if I could have caught the lightning flashes.

Below pictures were also taken last night.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Old Shoes & What Not

Pretty bad when you have to resort to blogging about an old pair of shoes, but there isn't a heck of a lot to blog about so this is part of it.

First off my eX bought these for my birthday (I think 8 or 9 years ago) This is the second pair she bought me and I guess I wore the first ones another 8 or nine years, but the first ones didn't suffer near the punishment these and me have. As you can see they are in pretty sad shape, but I don't have to wear them. I do have several other sets now, but none are as comfortable as these. Most shoes I've had in my life the soul always went first, but not these. If I could have a new set of shoes grafted on these souls I think they would last another 8 or 9 years.

BTW these are SAS shoes and they are a little on the expensive side so I doubt that I'll ever have another set unless SAS is watching and wants to send me another set for the unsolicited advertisement. On second thought in that case if there is such a thing as SAS snake boots they might work better down here. ;) When I can no longer use these for combination indoor/outdoor house shoes it will be like loosing an old friend!

Now back to the shoes. Notice the hole in the tip of the right shoe. There's a story behind that. We'll get to that later, but first a warning to the married ladies.

My neighbor came over one afternoon and we were sitting on the front porch drinking beer and discussing the usual BS. After a few beers he decided that we should head down to the nearest sports bar, but I had no intention of doing that. Unfortunately he brought it up one more time just as my wife at the time was walking out the front door and when she heard him say we need to go to the bar she huffily said "You are NOT going to a bar!" Whoops! Bad move! I went from having no need or want to go to a bar to "The hell you say!"  in a flash. My neighbor took his car and I took my bike. Once at the bar he started buying shots of peppermint schnapps one right after the other for some time. I finally decided enough was enough and left. Was a fun ride home NOT, but I made it almost to the driveway of the house and lost the bike in the street in front of our driveway.

Now that there hole in the top of my shoe came when the bike fell over on my right leg and there was a chrome bullet mounted on the bottom of the foot rest. That chrome bullet managed to go through the shoe right between my big toe and the toe next to it without hurting either. I was trapped though because I couldn't lift the bike off of me and couldn't reach up under it to untie my shoe to get my foot out. There is a lot more to this story that I won't get in to at this time (some comical and some not), but anyway the moral to this story is "Never tell your husband he is NOT going to do something because it could have disastrous effects and might make him do it to spite you.

And some picture from last night.

The bottom one was taken at sunset looking North believe it or not.

And yesterday I came up with the hankering for some fried potatoes and pinto beans. I had some cooked ground beef in the fridge and some potatoes and a can of beans. Also had some chopped onion and tomatoes diced up so fried the potatoes and onion and then added the beef and diced tomatoes. It was so good I ate three big helpings and I'm not a big eater. I shared some with Shelah and she went through it in a very short time and would have no doubt loved to have more.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bugz, Bugz, Bugz...

I got a quick .2 inches of rain yesterday evening. Wish there would have been more, but I should have gotten about 40 gallons of catchment out of that.

Problem is when we get rain here or right here where I live it brings out thousands of pesky little flying bugs. They look like the equivalent of flying piss ants they are so tiny. They are attracted to white light, but the amber or yellow bug lights don't seem to attract them. I have both in here and after the rain I made the mistake of opening the door long enough for lots of them to come in here and pester the crap out of me. They will fly in your eyes, up your nose and in your ears and are just all around pesky little shits! I finally turned off the white light, left the bug light on and opened the door and that seemed to allow the outdoor solar lights to attract the ones I hadn't already killed back out side.
That big brown spot isn't dirt its bugs! (Thousands of them)
They also clog up the screen in the water catchment system and I need to take that loose again and clean it.