Sunday, July 9, 2017

Recent Events / Deaths

Not sure how many of you used to follow Chris Miller's blog, but I think he bailed out of blogger maybe before I stopped posting. Anyway a few weeks ago he took his own life leaving behind a wife and two young daughters. Real shame! There is a GoFundMe account setup to help out his wife and daughters. If anyone wants to donate let me know and I'll try to find the link to it and post it.

Some time before that a couple of the lower life locals took a ride out to the Cedar Springs area of the ranch with an old Vietnam Vet and claimed that he got out of his pickup took the keys and walked off. He was a 70 year old Vietnam vet with physical and mental problems. The woman of the two culprits claimed to find a spare set of keys in the pickup and they drove off in his pickup leaving him behind. Although they said they had to leave because the pickup was low on gas and they were in danger even though there was a shortwave radio in the pickup which they used when they got to the ranch office / Bad Rabbit Cafe. They could have done the same from where he supposedly walked off from to get help right then. It is VERY ROUGH country in that area and in spite of searches by the sheriff's department and other law enforcement agencies using heat seeking aircraft to look for bodies, helicopters, ATVs and so on nothing was ever found. A number of locals also helped with searches. Nothing was ever found and no buzzards were ever spotted. That was a couple of months ago. It was reported that the woman sold her pistol some time after that. In mine and many other locals around here' opinions something really stinks about this. He had just received his VA disability and SS checks so was probably pretty flush on cash. What do you'll think?



  1. what was the name of chris's blog. i don't find a go fund me. em

  2. I don't remember and he deleted it some time back.

  3. It is a real shame to hear what happened to Chris. My heart goes out to his beautiful little girls and his wife.

    His blog was called Timeless Ranch - Off Grid Homesteading in a Modern World. The last post was made in March 29, 2014.

  4. With regards to the 70-year-old vet...something stinks to high heaven.

    First of all why did they search his truck and then take it from where he had left it parked? Does that not constitute stealing a vehicle?

    I am very sorry to hear about all that is going on down there. BTW did they ever clarify the death of a guy and his dog in a fire in his motorhome?

    1. I agree about the old vet MsB. I think the sheriff's department is holding off on charges and hoping for habeas corpus. That could be a problem because the so called info on where he was left may be totally wrong.

      As for Alex I believe they were calling it suicide which also stinks in my opinion.

  5. The Millers moved their blog to Facebook a while ago and I found this on the most recent post - permit me to share it here, David. Thanks and glad you're back.

  6. Concerning Chris Miller, here is another facebook post where his wife wrote a note the day after his passing Chris Miller

  7. Glad to see you back David! Yes that investigation has not yielded much news evidently.

  8. Replies
    1. Sure looks that way. Unfortunately his body may never be found.


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