Friday, September 24, 2010

Old Pictures

What the heck? Just decided to post some old pictures I found on a CD last night. You should see the video I found of the eX, Myself and the grand daughters dancing. Then again maybe you shouldn't see it. I was about 35 lbs heavier at the time.


  1. Neat vehicle. Where is it now? Looks like everyone was enjoying it. Good memories are nice to have.

  2. I "inherited" several boxes of family pictures from the 50's-80's. When I open one up 4 or 5 hrs are lost, but not a minute was wasted. Love that go-kart. That could run you over to the legion and back - no problema! Cooler weather coming, t, enjoy!

  3. I need one of those go karts! The go kart/trailer rig looks like just the thing for the chili cook-off.

  4. Nick, That was good times and was a regular family outing at the Carl's Corner automotive swap meet. (Carl's corner is now owned by Willie Nelson and I don't think the swap meet even exists anymore. The lady in the front center of the trailer was my youngest step daughter and she died a few years ago from breast cancer. I sure do miss her!

    DD I scrapped it several years ago.

    Andy, yes I wish I hadn't scrapped it and had brought it down here. I'll build something like it sooner or later though.

    Allen, probably would be good at the chili cook off.

    And on another note its windy as heck here and storms all around. Looks like they may be here soon.

  5. Old pictures always touch our hearts. My old pictures sometimes make me feel good, and sometimes reflect MY past mistakes.

  6. Lou, and some times they make me feel depressed. (maybe in a good way because of good memories behind them)