Thursday, January 26, 2012


Don't know how many people out of the DFW area know about this, but I think its a good thing. When I lived in the metroplex occasionally I'd go out to see what they had. The way it works is people donate cars, trucks, RVs, Buses and so on and in turn they get a write off. The money the auction makes goes toward kids collage educations.

You can bid online, but I personally wouldn't buy anything sight unseen, but I have known of people that got a great deal. Anyway I've been intending to blog about this for a long time and am just now getting around to it since there wasn't anything else to blog about right now.

The link to it is here: TEXANS CAN


  1. That is a great way to help the community and get good vehicle at the same time.

  2. DD, its like anything else People need to look the vehicles over in my opinion and read the rules before bidding. The bids are binding. Also unless they've changed it I think you have to go through an RV dealer to get the RVs registered. I was looking for one before I came down here and ran in to that so I backed out on bidding. There was one I really wanted and I could have probably gotten it for a good price.

    1. Usually when somebody throws something away, it's seen it's days and is no longer useful. I bought a Jaguar a few years back on Ebay. Fortunately it still ran. Then I found out, too late, that I had bought a money pit in repairs.

  3. BB, You're right to an extent, but you can just expect to get screwed on a lot of stuff on ebay. Like the subdivided land sold there for the top of Santiago Peak. (No way to get to the land besides maybe a helicopter or mountain climbing)

    TEXAS CAN is a little different because most people have old iron they don't need anymore and just want to get rid of it and help kids out by doing it. For RVs most people can't afford to drive them anymore and they are HARD to sell so chances of getting something usable is probably more likely than buying a car. Like I said let the buyer beware and don't buy anything sight unseen. Also expect that work will need to be done on what ever you buy. If the bid is low enough you probably won't go wrong.

    Of course there are also the snakes that take advantage of the situation and give away pure junk to get a decent write off.

  4. David, thanks for posting that. We have an old S-10 that still runs, but no air conditioning. I hate the thought of taking it to the scrap yard. I'll have to look to see if we have something here locally that does the same thing.

  5. QKid, As far as I know there isn't another auction like that in Texas, but I don't have a clue about other states. That used to be called Dallas Can, but they changed it to Texans Can. It's been around for years so maybe its caught on in other places?

  6. Interesting site. Was looking at some motorhomes but like you said it is never a good ideal to buy sight unseen.

    For someone that knows their way around vehicles this can be a good venue to purchase a car they can fix at a good price and help kids as well.

  7. MsB, the site and auction isn't for everyone. One reason I posted it is because there are a number of people that read this blog that are a lot closer than we are. Unless someone wanted to take a big chance on what they might get or planned to be in that area to check them out then they probably wouldn't want to bid.

  8. That's kinda like buying some of Turdlingua on E bay, Huh.

  9. Something like that, but at least you aren't helping a land flipper help you out of your $$,$$$.