Thursday, July 19, 2012

Storm / Pond / Fulgurite / Gravel Damage

Just had a brief storm here with torrential rain, high wind and lots of lightning. It didn't last long, but it was still lightning around the area. I thought twice, but my curiosity got the best of me and I walked back to the dam to see if I had a pond.
This was with 3/10th inch from the storm.
Looks like the dam could use some work, but looks like it will fly with enough rain.

I witnessed lightning striking and starting a fire for the fifth time with the rain putting it out about as fast as the lightning started it. I know the general area it struck and it wasn't far away. Should be somewhere northwest of here. I'd say about a third mile. When lightning strikes sand it causes what is called a Fulgurite. You can search on the term to see pictures of some found. Anyway knowing about where it struck I may go see if I can find it if I ever get a set of snake boots or may try it in the winter time.

Just noticed more damage from the trip to Alpine the day they were graveling 118. Believe it or not the headlight still works on both low and high beam. I'll still be out the cost of a new bulb before I can get an inspection though.


  1. Heck David, you ought to stay off 118 until they get it all fixed up, by the time you fix everything that road tears up you could buy a new car. Any idea how much longer they plan on ruining everyone's car out there. I need to make a trip out there with my new solar panels but will wait until they get done with 118.

  2. Wow, I never heard of that stuff and it is really neat looking. Thanks for letting know about fulgurite.

  3. Jim, 118 is not to bad now once they've run a sweeper down it a few times and the traffic has packed it. A few get thrown up every now and then, but its nothing like driving in to mini gun fire now.

    DD, I didn't know about it until I saw one on an educational show. They can be pretty wild looking.

  4. tffnguy,

    So when lightning hits the sand it forms this fulgurite stone or glass object. Now that's neat, I had no idea. That would be some interesting art work to have in your home :-)

  5. Cool - just learnt something new :) Thanks

  6. In florida, the lightening capital of the world, on the beach you can find them. Often the bigger ones will have been carted out (the sand holes people dig are big, and easily spotted but if you around nearby you will also find smaller ones created short distances away, within 10-20 feet or less from scatter. Its not just a single bolt, but several or actually many smaller ones.

  7. Sandy, I think the type of sand/dirt that the lightning strikes determines what the fulgurite is made of. I'd expect beach sane would be glass or have a lot f glass in it? The sand around here is usually more adobe dirt or clay. No telling when it would look like. Maybe pottery?

    Glad you learned something new Dani.

    LL, thanks for the additional lesson.

  8. One time, very long ago, I was trying to jump start a '53 ford pickup 6 volt with a '68 Oldsmobile 12V....and the battery exploded, but no injuries....luckily.

    Same thing as Fulgarite....but lucky it wasn't my face.

    The Lord looks out for dumbasses and retards.. (not sure where I fit?)

    It was 108 here in DFW today...checked the weather online...82 in TR...damn!...gotta git down there.!!!! (to stay)


  9. BF, was that in a galaxy far far away? ;) I've seen batteries explode before and I'm real glad I wasn't close. Some times they do that for no apparent reason at all.

    Keep saving your gold and maybe you can make it down here before long. The green stuff probably won't be worth squat before long.

  10. Tffnguy,

    (captaincrunch again)

    Living up there sounds interesting, Mini-gun gravel, exploding batteries, fulgerites.

    I got problems with worthless neighbors and thier evan more worthless teenage offspring. I really need to get to South Brewster County and open a Mexican Midget Wrestling Academy.

    Maybe I can start my own "University of Terlingua" offer courses in windshield repair, tire changing, solar power and beer drinking.
    (Just bring the Professor beer, and he will show you how to drink it:)

    For the girls, just show him your boobs (after you get the professor beer too) and its an easy "A"

  11. Your pond worked. Wondering if any wildlife came to drink from it.

    I too learned two new things from your blog today.

    Hope 118 is finished and gravel free as my trip to Terlingua is only three month away...I can hardly believe it!

  12. CC, are the teenage offspring midgets? I think you must be midget phobic...

    MsB, If we ever get a lot of rain I guess I'll see how the pond does. I can't see it or the dam from the trailer so I don't know what might visit it. After the new road was cut and still just dust there were all sorts of critter prints on it ranging from small (Maybe rabbit) to large (Maybe javelin, badger or ???)

  13. They have begun chip and seal on 90 east of Del Rio so anyone heading that way be forewarned, from the signs it looks like they are going to be doing most of 90!

    David may have a chance to stop by this week, we've been moving in finally and towards the end of the week may actually have time to take a break from all the driving we're doing to take some time off to visit! If you need anything picked up from Odessa let me know, we're going to be making several trips up there this week :( I'm so tired of driving!

  14. Lance, I'm in Odessa to go to the VA clinic. Not sure what day I'll head back south.