Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rain! / Catchment

Well first a picture of last night's sunset. There was actually some sky seen back there, but that didn't last long.
RAIN! Yep... Over the past few days we have only gotten an occasional sprinkle adding up to just over .3 inches. This morning it came a good rain and we got .7 out of it so there is a solid inch of rain. I did a calculation through a catchment calculator and it says I should have gotten 182 gallons of catchment. :) That more than makes up for my loss  because of a busted hose last week and also gained maybe 50 or 60 gallons to boot.
Here's a picture down at the dam. Of course Shelah was tagging along when I walked back there. There is a little water in the pond, but the dam needs to stretch about another 8 or so feet to the east before it could trap much water. During a rain the water goes around the east end and can't build up. Maybe one of these days I can remedy that? Note you can actually see some blue sky in the last picture. Seems like for ever since you could see any real sky around here and the forecast for the next 9 days is cloudy to partly cloudy. :( Sure does cut down on the solar so no running the fridge Which means buying ice from the legion again. There is a fairly high possibility of rain in five of those days. Wouldn't be so hard to take IF it would really rain and not just spitting.

On another note a bee just flew in here and Shelah was laying beside me on the floor. I started petting her and picked up the fly swatter and started swatting at the bee. Finally got the sucker and although I could tell it was making Shelah uneasy she stayed put. Looks like edlfrey's suggestion is going to work.

Finally got the table Bigfoot left me moved in to replace the old solar panel table I made. I guess that will be an outside table now. I'll have all sorts of room on this table to store Junk. ;) Unfortunately now Shelah thinks the table is her new house and likes getting under it. That's ok IF she doesn't step on the switch and turn it off when I'm on the computer. For some reason she likes to be under stuff. (Tables, bunks, ???

Damn Clouds!


  1. Didn't the Terlingua Ranch used to advertise that the sun shines 360 days a year in Terlingua? Sounds like that might have been an exaggeration.

  2. Been a good bit less than 360 days so far!

  3. Nice table / dog house you got. Double use of things is the way to go. Right Shelah?

  4. Ah what does she know DD? Crazy dog!

  5. Sorry about the lack of sun, but glad you've had some water.

    The fact that Shelah has taken to lying at your feet is a good indication that she has accepted you as her "master". Have you considered fixing the plug to the side of the table at the top - even if you can't screw / nail it there and use something like duct tape? That way it'll be put of her way

  6. Gorgeous sunset!

    Like that you and Shelah are getting along so well and like Dani mentioned she has accepted you as her master :)

    Good news on the water catchment every drop helps.

  7. Dani, we got a brief rain about 5:00 this morning and now the sun is out and mostly clear skys out. Hopefully they will be wrong about the cloudy conditions for about the next week, but also hopefully they will be right about the rain. ;)

    MsB, yes she has accepted me as her master. Right now though the problem is I have to take her with me any time I go some where and that can be a big problem. Hate to build a kennel to put her in though.

  8. Charlie Brown once told Linus that the secret of life was owning a convertible and a pond. So, if the sun was shining you could drive around in your convertible. If it was raining you could say, "Well at least it's filling up my pond."

    I guess Charlie Brown never had a catchment tank.

  9. Matt M, I never have been a Charlie Brown, but guess a pond is better than nothing. I've owned several convertibles and wish I still did.

  10. Hummm... That should have read Charlie Brown fan.