Friday, June 10, 2011

All those Clouds / More Gov BS?

And no Rain here.
Maybe tonight or tomorrow? I think there's a 10% chance tonight and 20% tomorrow and that's about it. There was a hell of an electrical storm going on it the clouds in the second picture and I took 79 photos trying to catch some of it and missed it every time. The wind was out of the southeast while one storm was going on back in the southeast and after the storm moved out there was a heavy smell of smoke in the air. I'm wondering if maybe lightning started other fires?

And on another note I wonder how this will effect us down here? More Border Patrols maybe as if there weren't already too many!


  1. In this weeks Alpine Daily Planet under Brewster County Sheriffs log it showed 5 arrests for illegal's by the Border patrol and 3 for drugs by ICE. So that would be average 32 arrests a month..There are 100's of agents in this county a 3/4's of a million dollar backscatter x-ray machine, aircraft and drones flying over..I would love to see what it cost the taxpayers to catch 32 people a month!

  2. Yeah, I'm sure the cost is staggering.

  3. I totally dig you pics TFFNGUY. I really miss the desert, especailly the rainy season.

    On the great border crackdown.

    They need to have a crackdown on crackdowns and just like forming a commitee on forming commitee's. Lets find boogey men without greencards where their are no bogeymen without greencards. One of thease days that great big goverment cash tit (sorry for the vulgarity) that all the local and state law enforcement suckles from will run dry (thanks to quantitive easing 'printing money") and law enforcement will be practically non-existant and the real mexican bogeymen druglords with rifles from Russia and China will come over and create havac.

  4. CC, I guess when that happens we will have another battle at the new Alamo in Terlingua.

  5. Maybe I should build some gun portholes in the house..

  6. Frann, which side would you put them on? The North or the South? ;)