Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frann, Jicky, Just Me / Radio Fundraiser

Headed south this morning for a few supplies and to take trash in to get rid of it. Had breakfast at BBMI with Frann & Jicky while I was down there. I finally got to meet Jicky also known as The Desert Rose so now there's another great woman in the area. Didn't know that Just Me was also coming, but she did so we 4 had a good breakfast before heading our own way. I learned that I am to be the Pimp, in a photo shoot before long so I guess I need to be practicing up on how an early 19th century Pimp should look. ;) Dang... Can you imagine me a Pimp???

While we were all sitting on the bench in front of the BBMI cafe a woman was putting up fliers for the RADIO FUEGO fundraiser so I told her to give me one and I'd post it here. Sounds interesting and of course Frann accused me of taking it for the picture of the Hot Babe. I DID NOT TAKE THAT FLIER FOR THE PICTURE OF THE HOT BABE! I don't care if it is now plastered on the wall in here!

Oh and BTW Pepper/Athena IS BACK again! :(  Now what am I going to do to keep that CRAZY mutt from coming back??? Maybe if I quit feeding her and don't leave water out for her?


  1. Evidently. She is an escape artist.

  2. Breakfast was fun and I hope they have a good fundraiser in Marathon for their radio station. I sure miss out KYOTE Radio station.

  3. Yeah, I had fun and also hope they have a good fundraiser.

  4. Yo tffn, thanks for breakfast. We'll get your pimp costume together, not to worry.