Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Almost, but NO

There was a large storm yesterday evening to the north and it looked like we we might get some heavy rain here. The storm was almost on top of this place when it abruptly changed course and bypassed here by heading to the south west. There were a few sprinkles here and I actually took a shower while it was sprinkling. There's no roof on the shower so I was getting the sprinkles along with the shower water and it felt pretty good. After that I could look to the west and see what looked like pretty heavy rain between here and the mountains to the west. There's another 20% chance today so maybe we will get some rain, but Frann Jicky and myself are going to be heading for Odessa so if it does we won't be here to see it.

Was going to upload photos, but it looks like another Blogger bug has reared its ugly head and the pictures will upload, but not display.

Damn Blogger!!! Why can't they just leave it alone while its working? I.e. If it ain't broke then DON'T Fix it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. Maybe Blogger has it backwards, "if it is broke, don't fix it". What you think? Thought maybe that storm in the Pacific would send some rain your way.

  2. Enjoy your trip to Odessa - hope the pneumonia is improving / better?

    Reckon y'all need to gather at the GS and have a ruddy rain dance!!!!

  3. Did you check Picasa to see if your pics got there? That's where they are stored. If they did then try pasting the html into blogger and see what you get.

  4. DD, hopefully when we get home there will have been some rain? I learned on the way down here that that will be Friday rather than tomorrow.

    Dani, right now I feel pretty lousy, but I think that may be caused by allergies to stuff in this area?

    Oldfool, where do I find Picasa? For now I'm pretty handicapped being here because I only uploaded one picture and I didn't bring my computer. Only portable apps and it really sucks running it under windows! I won't be doing much online here that I don't have to do.


    As long as you're signed into your gmail account, your picasa photo's should be in a folder as you access this site :-)

  6. Uploads are working again now.