Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Legiondary Jam # 5

Laying down on the job.
Drunk? Maybe mildly, but I think this was more of a protest for lack of donations to a real worthy cause. Never the less these musicians and others managed to bring in $375 to fund trips to Odessa for a cancer patient to have chemo treatment. The trip each time is a 225 mile trip one way. I  say give a BIG hand to all that played for NO $ at all on their part. Thanks guys and gals!

Stuff done before the Jam. tomahawk throwing and skeet shooting.
Other pictures from the Jam. BTW there were a total of 80 people at the Jam which broke a record.

Note the guy holding the water. He is Pat O'Bryan and the brain child and promoter of the Legiondary Jams. Thanks Pat!


  1. Good on them and good on you for documenting the effort. But how come all the way to Odessa? Isn't the hospital at Alpine able to do chemo? Radiation I can understand - some of that equipment is pretty exotic - but I would have thought chemo could happen in Alpine.

    Anyway, best of luck to one and all.

  2. Anon, there's a lot of stuff the hospital in Alpine doesn't do and there may be radiation involved in the treatment also. Not sure though.