Thursday, July 10, 2014

More VA stuff.

Unbelievable. Well not really. Its the VA what do you expect?.


  1. Have you heard about how VA is Red Flagging vets that "patients' behavior referred to the VA's "Disruptive Behavior Committees" (yes, that's what they're called): venting "frustration about VA services and/or wait times, threatening lawsuits or to have people fired, and frequent unwarranted visits to the emergency department or telephone calls to facility staff."
    As Krause[Disabled Air Force veteran and veterans advocate/attorney] explains, the Disruptive Behavior Committees are secret panels "that decide whether or not to flag veterans without providing due process first. The veteran then has his or her right of access to care restricted without prior notice."

  2. No, I haven't heard about that, but don't doubt it. Until now I think its some of the VA staff that needs to be red flagged.