Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neighbor's Pant update

Just an update on my neighbor Robert Dawson's plants. Sure look good! Not much other news for now. Maybe later and if so hopefully it will be good news instead of more bad news.


  1. Which plant has more tomatoes. I have been curious about the upside down thing. Looks like your about 2 weeks from BLT's.

  2. Upside down update. . . Yea, I have heard of that. Keep up with the progress as they mature and let us know which do better, the up-side down ones or the right side up ones. If the upside down do better, then I guess they will be the right side down. . .

  3. What does all the wind do to those? Would think it would tear them up pretty bad.

  4. frann, I don't know. Haven't seen them lately. He took the pictures.

    Dizzy-Dick, I'll try to keep updated as they come along.

    denniswalker, He babies them a lot by moving them inside a building when the wind gets high or I'm sure it would cause all sorts of damage. Matter of fact I think he moves them inside at night and only puts them out during the day when there isn't much wind. Must be a major chore doing that because I think they are pretty darned heavy. I also think they are shaded until late evening when the sun isn't too harsh. The direct morning and afternoon sun would probably kill them pretty fast.

  5. Those upside downers are cool. Sounds like a lot of work though.

    A truly stupendous plant is the monster growing throughout the office (including the ceiling) at the Longhorn Ranch Motel. Worth a look, if you haven't seen it.

  6. RVRover, Never been there, but may stop some time just to check it out.

    On a side note Bill (BigFoot) Marcom Stopped by to drop off the shade tarp he had said he was going to bring. Its a 6'x20' and just for the heck of it I lugged an 8 foot pallet up on top of the dungeon and placed it in the center and then stretched and secured the shade tarp over it to give an air gap. Its just temporary and to see if it would make any difference inside. Seems to be helping some because the temp is dropping instead of going up.

    I rode down to the legion with him to get ice (We both needed it) and Buddy Croford pulled in the parking lot as we were leaving. He said they would be over after while. Bill and Caron invited me over for brunch in the morning so that will be nice.

  7. Those look beautiful, I love the hanging garden idea. I just tasted some home made salsa that some friends made with vine ripe tomatoes and a jalapeno ground in a stone bowl. yum!

  8. OGT, I'm sure its a lot of extra work for him to keep moving them, but Evidently its worth it to him. When I was growing tomatoes, Jalapenos Bells and strawberries in my greenhouse I only made salsa one time. We were eating the tomatoes as fast as they got ripe. Same for bell peppers and strawberries. Some of the Jalapenos got eaten by me, but I was the only one there that would eat them so the neighbors got plenty of them to. Needless to say I had plenty of stuffed and bacon wrapped Jalapenos!

    And on another side note. Bill said that the Cone nose beetles don't like lilac and I just happened to have a bottle of lilac Pine Sol in the It'll Du to help the smell. Guess where it is now. Right... In the dungeon with a wick made out of a paper towel. Hope it keeps those BUGS out of here!

  9. Hello from beautiful Albuquerque :)

  10. You sure do get around a lot lady! and fast to. ;)

  11. Yes sir, I sure do and do it fast, too :)

    My father and I are on a long weekend vacation together ... going all out,and pulling no stops ... seeing everything we can, and eating huevos rancheros like there's no tomorrow.

    This memory we are making together means so much to me ... we haven't gone on a wild trip together (alone) since I graduated high school, and that was El Paso and Flagstaff, Arizona.

    Today we will be riding the gongola/tram thingy up to the top of the crest of Sandia Mountain.

    Tonight we'll be strolling downtown and shopping and whatnot.

    Tomorrow, I think, is the train to Santa Fe ... who knows when Dad is at the helm :)

    But anyway ... back to fast.

    As my father's safe and trusting passenger, YES, I am fast and know exactly where I got it from ... and I am very, very proud of it.

    People need more excitement in their life :)


  12. Good for you'll. Have a good time, but you are in the wrong state and wrong place though! Well maybe not at this time of the year?

  13. I heard hell is exciting, dont wanna go there though. lol... kidding

  14. Tffnguy: The weather has been beautiful and mild ... perfect.

    OGT: I have never heard of Hell as exciting, and I have never wanted to go there either.


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