Sunday, May 30, 2010

Top 500 Count Down.

There was a time. (many Times over the years) where most of the grandkids would converge on the house in Plano for a Top 500 Countdown Party for Memorial Day. It was always to listen to the Top 500 Countdown of KLUV radio in the DFW area and the girls always had to dance to the music. On special songs the eX and I would join in and times were great  back then. Times change though.

For many years Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers always came out #1 and that was our favorite song to dance to, but the girls like to dance to about everything. It was really great to watch the girls dance and everyone had a blast. In the last couple of years the station got a new GM and as far as I'm concerned it went to the dogs. They moved the time frame of music we liked from the 60s and 70s to the 70s and 80s. The Beatles seemed to take over and none of us were Beatles fans!

Oh well I've been listening to back to backs on my Zune and don't have any granddaughters to watch or anyone to dance with, but at least I can scratch songs I don't like.

Looks like we may get more storms here....


  1. When I was growing up, we did THAT too! In fact, Dad has hours upon hours of video tape of our dance/song parties ... mostly 50's and 60's music though.

    When we move down there, you'll have little Nani to dance with and watch ... won't take the place of your old memories, but will sure make some new ones for you!

  2. I was hoping it would.


    How are you feeling? Any better?

  3. I was feeling better until yesterday evening when Pepper decided to sneak in here while I had the Pepper screen down for a few minutes. I had to physically extract her from the dungeon and I guess it broke loose what had partially healed. Now the pain lever is back to what it was shortly after the fall and coughing is pure murder again! I think Dale needs to find another home for her before I put her out of my misery!

  4. I am worried about you. I know you don't need me, but I wish I were closer. Have you wrapped your ribcage? Do you have a nebulizer?

  5. I'd hate it if you had to give her up, but that's your call, I thought she'd be pleasant company. I've been meaning to ask you about the early morning times she wants out, she was crated here over night and we never heard a sound out of her. I guess cause she's not in a crate, or that it's just the two of you, she must "want" more, Idk. We did warn you that she's hard headed, I guess we're learning which one is the Hope your finding more to listen to, than to kill, NJ still goes on about playing that with you. :-0 Hope you feel better, bop Pepper on the head and tell her to behave and yall have a better day.

  6. No on both, but I have an inhaler and Dale left some pills that help keep the crud in my chest broken up. Both help.

  7. Happy for you that you have all those great memories. I have been serching my mind for a good Memorial Day memory and there just isn't one..Chiggers, ex yelling at kids, broke down on the road. I'm having a nice one right now. Gardening, playing with Hell Dog. Pepper couldn't compete with what she did as a puppy but she finally grew up and I wouldn't trade her.

  8. Could be several things at work between me and Pepper. First being my living with a confirmed dog hater for 17 years no doubt changed my attitude about dogs, Then my first dog after many years had to be a VERY hard headed and destructive dog. I was also looking for a small dog and Pepper is no where close to a small dog and is getting larger all the time.

    A master and a pet should have a good relationship and we don't maybe because of some (if not all of the aforementioned reasons and maybe even more) If you have a spouse you can not get along with then its time for a divorce for the sake of both and in this case that seems to be the only thing to do is let Pepper go to hopefully someone that can over look her hardheadedness, destructiveness and a few other things. That and be able to give her the love and affection she needs. I can't do that.

  9. Oh yeah... Forgot to mention that the days are so hot that all Pepper does is sleep in the shade all day. Then when it gets dark and cool she wants to play. I can't sleep much during the day so that is a major conflict. (Her wanting to stay awake and play and me wanting to sleep)

  10. Expected highs for the next few days.

    Wednesday 103
    Thursday 107
    Friday 110
    Saturday 112

  11. Enjoy it while it is still cool! Go to the lodge and go swimming!!

  12. Too far to the lodge, the road to the swimming hole is washed out so I guess I'm SOL. One member of the legion did offer to let me use his pond though. Now I just have to find out where it is.

    The legion felt plum cold when I was in there today, but I'd hate to get used to that and then have to put up with the heat the rest of the time.

  13. I am so sorry that Pepper aggravated your almost healed injury.

    If you and her have not bonded at this point, I don't think you ever will. Hope there is someone out there that can give her the love and attention she craves.

    Like Frann, I have been racking my brain for Memorial Day memories, but alas I don't recall any :-(