Tuesday, January 18, 2011

College Closings (Including Odessa Collage)

Now this is not right! Think of the jobs lost among other things like the economy of the cities the collages are in. I say they need to cut the law makers salaries to balance the budget. OC has been around for as long as I can remember!

Article from KWES TV Odessa

AUSTIN - Four Texas colleges, including Odessa College, could close as part of a plan to save money.

The Associated Press is reporting that Odessa College, Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, Frank Phillips College in Borger and Ranger College would close as part of a plan to slash $145 million in state funding for Texas community and junior colleges. Those cuts are in a draft spending plan released Tuesday by House lawmakers.

Odessa College Board President Walter Smith told NewsWest9 Tuesday evening that the news came as a shock. He said the board would be working to get more details on the plan on Wednesday.

Smith also said Odessa College has been making lots of progress lately with growing enrollment and the passage of a voter-supported bond issue last year.

Smith said he knew that budget cuts would be coming, but they had no idea state lawmakers were considering closing entire colleges. He also thought that the community would rally behind OC to keep it open if the budget proposal advanced any further.

We will have the latest on this developing story on NewsWest9 at 10. We will also be working to get more details on this plan on Wednesday.


  1. Tffnguy

    Hate to see colleges closed. This country is in dire financil straits. 14.2 trillion in the hole, 42 million on food stamps and thanks to "quantitive easing" (money printing) inflation is getting worse on food and gas prices.

    (maybe we can give California to China if they cancel out all the money we owe them)

  2. If we give California to China , it wont take long before they realize we gave them a trojan horse.

  3. Close the colleges, then there will be less educated people to earn money to pay the taxes and more people on hand-outs, then they will have to close some more colleges. Sounds like a vicious circle to me. :-(

  4. Give California to China. Great idea. Shh, Nick.

    CC - don't get me started on entitlements, fiat money and quantitative easing or how the govt is setting us up for a repeat of hyperinflation ala the Weimar Republic.

  5. I am sorry for those towns but am thrilled Sul Ross was not on the list. Odessa College has been losing students since University of Texas Permian Basin ramped up there.

  6. cc, at least wait until CA moves offshore from the rest of the states. I don't want china that close to America. Of course they already own half the US anyway though.

    Nick, that would just be what they have been doing to us. Toys and everything else from there has proven to be trojan horses. Turn American kids in to idiots because of lead poisoning so they can take over easier later on.

    D Rose, its got to be the New World Order conspiracy. (With China being the Ruling class)

    Frann, according to OC's president enrollment has been expanding. Never the less there are plenty of cities with community collages that have universities in them or real near that aren't listed. Now IF they do this then who is to say they won't expand it to the rest of the community collages? I think it would just be a starting point. Every member in my family that attended collage attended OC. (Including me) All I can say is this is BS! If Texas pulls this off I'm sure other states would probably be watching and maybe even follow. I'd say that would effect a LOT of people who own land down here. And a lot of people period! A lot of kids couldn't afford to go away to a university, (They live at home while attending, there aren't jobs to go around for them where the universities are so they can help their parents afford it, tuition is generally higher, cost of living is higher), the parents can't afford to send their kids away) the local economies would suffer greatly and so on. Sort of a domino effect.

  7. OC has the only police academy in West TX..less cops? :)

  8. Tffnguy

    The more I realize whats happening with American turning into a second world country, The more I want to go off the grid out in the middle of nowhere. My Great grandfather and Grandfather survived the 1930's depression as ranchers and always had a roof over their heads and food on the table. In the big picture I fear this will only get worse than the great depression. I really hope Im wrong but unless we can find politicians with courage to do whats right to preserve the Union and Constitution we will fall into the abyss of socailism.

  9. http://www.kwes.com/Global/story.asp?S=13873161&Call=Email&Format=Text


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