Friday, January 14, 2011

She's ALIVE!

Well maybe Genny is? I managed to scrap two diodes from the mangled battery charger that got run over by a semi and it looks like I may get the wind genny back on line before long. First I need some wind though to test it out. The red arrows mark the diodes.
It was a beautiful afternoon and I started out with a jacket then shed that down to a long sleev t-shirt. It was black and and it got too hot for that so I eventually shucked that. Hay I need to get started on a tan early.
I went like this for a couple of hours and it was really comfortable. Unfortunately things change here quick though so now the oven is on to keep this place warm. Its supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I may put on my speedos and try for more tan.


  1. Glad you're gonna try and rescue the jenny - would be such a waste of potential energy to not try.

    Speedo - in winter - that'd be brave :-) Post a pic?

  2. Dani, I'm still waiting for the wind to test it out. If I didn't want it to blow it would be blowing up a storm. That's the bad part of the way the wind works around here. (Usually when you don't need it)

    Frann, remind me not to post the picture of me in my speedos.

  3. Speedo------pictures--------OK. I think!

  4. I'll pass on the speedo pict's myself. Have you been able to see if the Genny is back up and at em? Sounds like your enjoying much nicer weather than we are, heavy overcast, drizzly and mostly ugly. Have a great one!

  5. Dale, no there hasn't been enough wind to spin it. Forecast for today is for 10 to 20 MPH wind, but it sure hasn't happened yet. I have checked to see if the diodes would stop the short part, but need the genny spinning to see if it is actually going to charge or not.

    Have a good one yourself IF you can with that type forecast.

  6. You in Speedos! OH NO!! --- Terlingua will never be the same!! Can't believe you took your shirt off cause your Teat don't have no pocket!

    I'll bet all's well on the Jennie. I know you won't give up on a sure thing. You never know when the wind will blow in some of that cost free energy, but you have to be ready to catch it and you will!

  7. Tig, the shirt off was a spoof on the grandsons. The only thing missing was a bunch of prison tattoos. Sure glad I never had to be in one! Visiting them is bad enough!

    Still no wind to test the genny.

  8. Waiting to hear the verdict on the genny. Wish it were warm enough here to go out in just a shirt.

  9. D Rose, it was warm enough for a while today to go shirtless again, but I didn't bother.

    I'm still waiting on the wind. Don't know when we will get enough to try it???