Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Since frann brought up Summer Solstice in the last thread and said I should do something Pagan  Here you go. Now I knew The It'll Du had to be built for some special reason and it dawned on me this evening as I was out back. Notice the shadow being cast from it to the back of the dungeon. Well that was about an hour before sundown so I'm confident that at the final moments of sundown the shadow would have perfectly aligned with the back of the dungeon. Just think of it! In the billions of years the earth has been here this phenomena has never happened. Unfortunately it still hasn't because the western sky began to cloud up so it didn't have a chance to happen. Imagine the frustration of all the Pagans that walked for miles to watch something similar at Stonehenge. Boy! Am I ever frustrated and I didn't even have to walk far. 

Well... Everyone show up next year and we'll try once again to have a Pagan ritual. ;) This will be the Terlingua Stonehenge. Or maybe that will be Wood, Styrofoam, Tarp & Steel henge.
Oh and look what it did to this crazy millipede. Its attacking the mallet I keep the camera and a few other things operating around here with.
Until next year hang in there...


  1. All right!! A Solstice party!! 6/21/2011...Will need a fire to dance around, proper beverages maybe a drun circle!! Whoot Whoot

  2. fran, it will be a BYOB event. Also BYOFW (Bring Your Own Fire Wood ;)

  3. Frann - is that a druM circle or a drunK circle? Been to both! hee

    T- after all these years people can only speculate what that pile of rocks in Merrye Olde England were for. However, everyone KNOWS exactly what the It'll Du is for! And when the archaeologists dig up your site 5,000 years from now, no one will have to speculate!

  4. Hey Dave, you think those heavy silver coated traps would keep more heat out of the dungeon? I'll see what's in the storeroom! Dennis

  5. Hmmm...coprolite samples from the it'll du, your scaring me!

  6. Right Andy, they will know that it was a modern day Stonehenge with added facilities like semi modern restroom and shower. Almost as sophisticated as a modern day football stadium! The shower even has an open roof! ;)

    Dennis, only 6 more days until the 5th wheel is here and the dungeon will revert back to storage so no need to try to add more to try to keep it cool. There are two types of tarps up there now stretched over a single long pallet. A blue one with the black shade tarp Bigfoot gave me over that. It does help a lot and the one over the rear helps a lot in late evening when the sun is shining on that end. (Before the It'll Du kicks in.) ;)


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