Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Supercharging Solar Panels

Did you know you could? Yep... here are two instances. The first picture shows the reflection from the window with the shiny tape on it reflecting down on the solar panel as well as the sun. This can give pretty near full boost early in the morning and late in the evening when the panels would barely be doing anything. It can also double the output of panels during the day. No guarantee how much it might shorten the life on the panel though.

 The second picture is getting a triple whammy. The sun reflecting from the window and the sun reflecting from the sort of mirror I made. + the sun.

This morning's sunrise.
Maybe more to come?


  1. So your making a solar cooker with a panel in the middle. Interesting..from the looks of it it will be a very hot 4 days!

  2. frann, I don't think it is supposed to be as hot today as the last few or quiet a few. I think that's supposed to be a one day break though. :( Its partly cloudy so far so at least there is some intermittent shade.

    Yes I guess you could associate that a little with a solar oven, but not near to the extreme. If you don't go over board it shouldn't hurt the panel, but give a good bit more output.

  3. Gorgeous sunrise. I might not mind being awake that early if I got to enjoy that with my tea :)

  4. I have spent the day trying to figure out this solar panel thing! Have huge head ache...So will cheer myself up watching Russel Crow run around in a skirt in Gladiator ; )

  5. mmmmmmmm ... russell crowe ... gladiator ... be right there :)

  6. So the trailer will be there Monday? Happy 4 you!