Friday, August 23, 2013

Legion Progress

A LONG needed cleanup campaign has been gong on at the legion. Unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures. In the pictures above before the cleanup you would have seen weeds and mesquites from 2 feet high to four feet high. The back was where the highest weeds were and it was more or less blocking access to the catchments tanks without taking a chance of a snake bite. There is still a lot of work to be done as far as getting the outside back where it should be.

Plans are to trim up this old mesquite tree and put a small shaded seating area under it. Plans are also to build a semi functional Jail house beside it which will more or less be a bunk house for customers that shouldn't be driving after functions here. We plan for it to be old and rustic looking.

I'd bought this old trailer from the legion a few years ago (as a donation) with the intent to build an outside shower, but had changed my mind so I donated it back to the legion for storing aluminum cans until they are hauled to the recyclers. Its in the process of being restored by several members.

As far as the inside goes the woman bar tenders have done wonders in cleaning it up and it is no longer the pig sty it once was. Sure makes a difference when people actually care.

We just had a brief, but very heavy rain storm , but fortunately no power outage like last night. It was off and on for a while and then finally went out about 9:00 until some time this morning. I could tell by not being able to see a distant street light and no lights in the legion.

The Mexican Generals are back after missing for the last couple of years. I think the drought kept them away for the last couple of years.


  1. Good work - well done!

    Removing as many snake hiding places as possible is, as you do rightly point out, very necessary :)

  2. Dani, the old tree has been known to harbor rattle snakes so once its cleaned up there may be a snake fence around the shaded seating area we plan to put there. Now any snakes can be seen anywhere around the building. Not likely there will be any there now because of no cover.

  3. Thot that ol trailer was the jail house,,,hahahahaha,,,,

  4. TnT, if we didn't need the can storage that might have worked.

  5. Looks good, you all did a good job. BTW, I had one of those bugs over here in East Texas. See my blog:

  6. DD, I think that is a different kind.

  7. Hope we don't whiz right by the Legion next time we are down, and miss our turn. Looks totally different.

    Great job.

  8. BF, it looks way better inside and out than I've ever seen it. I think you'll will do alright. It still have the ratty sign and bent flag pole. Hopefully both will change before long.

  9. I ve read today ALL your postings since 2009, which was a long time and work to understand life in Terlingua that way, and your story. ADMIRABLE, but would appreciate you might please answer some questions to educate myself of life around there : 1- Why with what purpose having a trailer that looks good yu -or people around there- decide to put so much money and time to build a cabin ? Is a cabin better than a trailer ? 2- Why people around there seem not to hunt much or provide some game to their diet and cut some food costs ? 3- What might be the average "retirement" pension of so many Veterans there, that allow them to get along on those incomes that seem not too big ? (A cultural question with major respect) as the area is pretty expensive (food, medical etc)THANKS if can answer some of this for me to understand more life as takes place in your excellent blog.

  10. Bkid it has new Hi Tech LEDs that change colors now.


    1 trailers are very poorly insulated and cost an arm and a leg in propane to heat in the winter and are impossible to cool in the summer unless you're on grid.

    2 its against the law to poach.

    3 I don't know because I keep my nose out of other people's financial business.

    I've said many times its expensive to live down here because of gas, food prices, tires and a lot of other factors.

  11. You guys have done a wonderful job with the Legion!

    I think having a place for people to spend the night and not have to drive impaired is an excellent idea not just there but in other cities as well.

    Glad to see all the progress.

  12. MsB, there's still a lot of work, but I think we'll get there. The jail house will be a good ways down the road though.


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