Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cobras & Rain

Photo from last year's run. Ford GT pictured

For those who are or will be in the area you might want to come out to the American Legion on Saturday afternoon 10/06. The Mustang Cobras and Ford GTs will be pulling in to the legion around 3:00 ish afternoon after their yearly high speed run down 118. Lots of fun and lots of high $$$ cars to look at. That will likely be one or more Ford GTs (I think about $150,000 worth), numerous Mustang Cobras and maybe a Shelby AC Cobra kit car or two.


It rained most of the afternoon yesterday and well in to last night. Final tally looking at the gage this morning was right on 2.5 inches! Add .2 to that from day before yesterday. Sure wish I'd have had catchment setup because it would have probably filled the water tank to over flowing. Unfortunately by the time I could do that the rainy season will be over. Maybe next year, but I'd need a lot more tank for it to last me over a month. Also wish the dam was about 8 feet longer and I'd have had a pretty nice pond this morning.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Monsoon? / Camera

Got 2/10 inches of rain last night and 9/10 inch today (so far). Its still misting and may rain more later. I wanted to go down to the pond to see what it was like, but it was still misting so I broke out the umbrella I got at an estate sale. It just happened to be on a pallet of junk I won the bid on and it finally came in handy. The Pond? Well its a pond, but the dam doesn't go far enough east so before the water can get very deep it runs around the east end. To bad because it has the potential to be a fair sized pond.

Looks like my old Kodak camera finally gave up the ghost. I've given it hell over the years by accidentally dropping it a couple of times from around 5 feet high and left it out in the rain once, but it was always there for me. It was a pretty high dollar camera about 10 years ago and I bought it to out do my youngest step daughter. (To me more like a daughter) She died of breast cancer a couple of years later so the camera has a lot of sentimental value to it. I sure miss her!

BTW at this time the rain is back. A high % chance of rain is in the forecast until next Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paint Finished (Kinda) / Ramblings

I finally booted myself in the rear (wasn't easy) and finished up painting the cabin all except for some brush work.
Note that I've added the second window since my last  picture I posted some time back. I managed to crack one of the inside panes putting it in, but its on the inside and I still lack adding the other dual pane panels behind these windows. It won't make much difference other then cosmetic, but it still chaps my rear! I still need to add the other window to the south side, but am still trying to figure out how to shoehorn it in there without cutting studs.

I'd been drilling all the holes for the conduit/wiring inside and once I got them all drilled it dawned on me that I should have measured before drilling. I hadn't. I'm either going to have to try and make do or go back and drill other holes in the right place. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

And on to the Ramblings.

Funny how much food you can shove in a tiny fridge when you aren't trying to keep it stocked with beer. I'm sure eating a lot better than I was and I've had two Chef's salads lately which was unheard of around here before. Unfortunately I need to eat several more before the salad mix goes south and its already showing signs of that now. Hard for one person to eat what is made for several. I've figured out a way to keep cold water in the fridge also. I can fit two bottles of water in the freezer at a time and it takes about one hour to get them ice cold. When I drink one I fill it back up and put it back in the freezer and move the other one to the fridge part.

Sorry! I got carried away on this sandwich before I thought to take a picture of it. It had pastrami, ham, turkey breast, cheese (Colby Jack), lettuce, tomato, jalapenos and onion with Mayo and Ranch dressing on whole grain bread. It was really very good and I just got through polishing off one like it for lunch. Made do without a soda by mixing up a cup of Country Times Pink Lemonade. Probably a lot better for me than sodas.

And on another note the VA doctor prescribed some pills that are supposed to help me stop smoking.  I have about enough smokes for two more days and then things are probably going to get pretty rough around here for a while!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A health update / The Cabin

Been out of town for a while trying to get some stuff done through the VA. Some time back I got a care package from them (A prep kit for a colonoscopy) I've never had one and don't care to, but I did drive to Alpine to get screened for one. When I got there the nurse handed me a form to fill out and a report from a stool sample. I asked her about the report and told her it wasn't mine because I hadn't had one. She said "You didn't?" As near as I could tell the report was from someone with health bowels (which mine aren't) Shortly after that the doctor comes in and says there is nothing she can do for me? That sounded good to me so I split. Sure glad I didn't have to drink all that crap in the prep kit!

Next appointment was for blood at Fort Stockton and they took four or five vials of that. Next appointment was in Odessa to get the results of the blood work. Damn! I must be a 65 year old super human because all of the tests came out perfect. That or the samples got mixed up with some really healthy young person? Sort of makes me wonder!!! I had Pneumonia at the time of the Odessa visit and fortunately got some antibiotics prescribed and was sent to Big Spring to the hospital for x-rays and to pickup the med the next day. They had already sent it down here and I had another appointment in Odessa 3 days later so went without those antibiotics for three more days before I got back here to take them. They sent me a brand new nebulizer for my COPD, but no medication for it so its basically useless as is. I guess I could buy a bottle of Everclear to puff through it to see if that's all its cracked up to be. Naw... Guess I'll stay on the wagon.

Psyc test? Well I think the psychiatrist decided that I'm only partially crazy and not all the way yet. Terlingua will do that to you ya know.

The weather is finally cooling off down here so if I can get over the pneumonia before long and get the motivation then I'll get back to work on the cabin. Looks like it may be next spring before I'll be able to move in it though.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catman's Litterbox

I'm following HermitJim's lead in posting a link to Here (Catman's Litterbox) and I thinks its something everyone needs to read!!!

HermitJim's blog can be found in the blogs I follow link as well as now Catman's Litterbox.

Friday, September 7, 2012

So Much For That

I'd heard that Big Bend Telephone had cut a deal with 9 Points Ranch to put a tower up there. I'd also heard that with one there and one on Elephant mountain it would close the gap between Alpine and Study Butte for cell phone reception. Well the tower is on 9 points now, but it has nothing to do with cellphones. That is to provide Internet and telephone to customers who live too far out to get a land line. It won't do anything for cellphones though.

Too bad that since BBT gets their service from AT&T that they (BBT and AT&T) couldn't have gotten together and added cellphone coverage at the same time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

No more captain / water tank / ad

I have resigned as captain of the fire department and after a clash with the chief I am no longer even a part of it. Works for me!

Being how I'm going to have to start hauling my own water I'd been looking for a tank small enough for my trailer to handle. This one should do it. Its a used 125 gallon tank but I think I can live with that. I'd have to make two trips to fill the water tank I have, but as long as I only let it get about half way empty I should be good to go. Won't be long before I have to use it though. cost was $80 delivered here. I think new ones are around $1 per gallon so I think I got a good deal.

A guy was handing out posters yesterday so I told him to give me one and I'd post it here. I's a little hard to read some of it, but maybe it will work.

Sunset this evening.