Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#3 Jam Aftermath

The Jam was another success, but there were a couple of auto accidents afterwards.

I didn't get pictures of all the musicians unfortunately because of taking videos and the videos turned out to be too large to upload them to Youtube.

The aftermath was one of my friends rolled her car three times and we were afraid she had a broken neck. She is OK though although the car is wasted. I backed in to a car when I was leaving.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Legiondary Jam # 3 Sunday /02/24/2013

The third Legiondary Jam will be tonight starting around 6:00 PM. There will be a pot luck before it starts. Bring a dish or a donation to help out the musicians PLEASE. No flier this time and I'm not sure who all will be playing, but I expect it will be mostly the same musicians that have played at the last two.

If you're in the area come or miss one hell of a show!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Convienance store? / More artefacts

Word has it that the old Big Bend Ranch Supply has sold and someone is going to open it back up as a convenience store? I'm not holding my breath, but it would be nice if it happens. Its located across the Ranch Road from where the failed Grub Shack used to be. First picture is of the old store and the second one is what's left of the Grub Shack.
This morning was pretty nice so I went out exploring this land again. I found several more pieces of napped flint and possibly some pottery shards? The pieces seem to have been painted with some type orange pigment. They can be seen in the red square along with the flint found the other day and this morning. There were quiet a few pieces with the orange band. Shown are only three pieces.
I also took the rake and did some exploring of the plants in the last blog. The dirt they are in reminds me of the gumbo found back in Plano, but I suppose that is because of plant deterioration and re-growth  over many years? It sure doesn't look like the adobe dust found around here.
Yes these plants are probably Lechuguilla and if anyone else like leilani wants to say anything about them or any other BS like she posted in the last thread then read my last post in that thread. Perhaps she could also fill in her blogger profile instead of hiding behind her computer screen and giving other bloggers BS!

The three pictures above are feeble attempts at showing the way this land terraces down to the valley below. Its hard for a camera to show stuff like that. A normally dry creek can be seen in the three pictures below and the foliage along it is green all year round. Water could have easily been gotten from it during the rainy season as well as the dry creek where the dam is on the back of this property now.

Small button cactus (I think) found in the rubble of rock.

The two pictures above are views from where I found the stuff this morning.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Indian artefacts / other news...

One of my friends (Hollywood) was over here a couple of days ago and I'd never shown him around this property before so I did. With in about a minute he had found the stuff below.

He is pretty much a historian for this area and mighty good at finding artefacts. I'd been by where he found the goodies quiet a few times and had never found them before. Now that I know what to look for I hope to find a bunch.

He also pointed out the plants in the picture above and said they are not from this area and were more than likely planted by the indians since they used them for a number of different things. I'd seen them many times and thought they  were small Yuccas, but that isn't the case. They are all located in a small plot and he said they were planted there. He showed me a few other cactus and other plants that are not supposed to be here and were probably planted here by the indians. I'd always though with the view of the valley below most of the way around that the indians may have camped up here. Looks like I was right.

He also pointed out the way this land it terraced and said there was probably some farming going on here back when. No telling what the desert grass is hiding since it could have grown up over other artefacts.

I cranked up the Falcon yesterday for the first time in months. I took it for a drive down to the Legion since some of the newer people here have never seen it running.  For that matter some have never seen it period. I was surprised that it even started, but the old gal fired right up. Of course I have had a small solar panel connected to the battery to keep it hot, but the gas has to be going south because of age. Its been in there every since I got the Jeep. I put another can of stop leak in the rear tire that keeps going down, but that wasn't enough to air it completely up. The generator wouldn't start, but the big inverter running off of solar and batteries ran the compressor fine. I guess I need to clean the sparkplug on the generator though.

Friday, February 1, 2013


I was supposed to get this yesterday, but...
The UPS driver screwed up and tried to deliver it to someone else instead. There was no one home at that place which was a good thing I guess. Anyway it got taken back to Alpine and the tracking said I wasn't here. I was and saw the UPS guy whiz by on 118. Needless to say this really ticked me off!

Today I took the Jeep over to Lance's early for him to change the front end parts to make it safe again and also change out the valve cover gasket so I can quit investing in oil company stock by dumping tons of oil in it. The UPS guy showed up at the legion to check with Dave to find out for sure where I live and he came by here, but I was at Lance's and the package needed a signature for him to leave it.

Fast Forward... I got to the Legion about 3:00 and decided to try and flag down the driver on his way back to Alpine. Lance decided he would call his wife at the ranch headquarters and see if the UPS driver had been out there yet, and he did eventually show up there and she told him to stop at the Legion.

My old computer was on its last leg so I ordered this new/used one off of eBay.  Got a good price on it and it is mucho faster than the old one with a lot more resources so I'm now a happy camper.
The Jeep however needs more parts and I still don't want to drive it much until I can order them and get them changed out.

All in all it turned out to be a pretty good and productive day.