Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 Plus / More freebies

Couldn't remember when I first set foot on Terlingua soil so back tracked through the blog. I've actually been here a little over 3 years. (Three years a month and a few days to be exact.) Things have changed a lot for me and most for the better for those who haven't read this blog from the start.

Today is Bigfoot and Littlefoot's third anniversary and I remember Just Me and myself watched John Wells marry them over the internet. Congratulations again you two!

More Freebies

The little oven is compliments of one of my friends/neighbor Howard. It isn't real big, but should do everything I need it to do. (cook decent sized pizzas and who knows what else?) Its supposed to be a built in so I plan to build it in a small cabinet with wheels on it with the propane tank inside the cabinet like a propane grill. By doing that I'll be able to move it in the cabin in the winter to help provide heat and be able to cook meals without it getting too hot inside. In the summer I can move it to a small outside kitchen I plan to build eventually. I'd imagine the new fridge will stay in the cabin though. I'll probably build in a sink for dish washing both in the cabin and outside kitchen.

Bigfoot also brought me a couple more high E dual pain windows that I've decided to put on the south end. They are frosted but that doesn't really matter I plan to also double those to double the insulation value and they will mainly be for lighting during the day.

After Ring brought me another bundle of insulation to finish off the cabin Bigfoot brought me some more R19 insulation and it will come in handy because they are cut in 4 foot length pieces. I need several 4 foot pieces for the ceiling so I won't have to cut the other stuff. He also brought me some R30 that I can use for stuffing in areas where I can't use the R19 stuff.

Then comes Nick. He came buy and dropped off some R13 insulation and I'll probably use it to insulate the under pinning on the cabin. Should help both in the winter and summer since the floor isn't insulated. Occasionally Harbor Freight runs a sell on interlocking rubber tiles that are about a half inch thick and are made out of hard foam rubber. They are intended for covering garage floors, but since they are foam I figure they would have a decent insulation value so I plan to cover the floor in the cabin with those. Should be able to do that for under $100. I just may have enough insulation left over for the add on bathroom when I get it built.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day at the Legion

Had a decent turnout at the legion yesterday for Turkey Day. Not as many people came as were expected, but still a good crowd. I didn't start taking pictures until a good number of people had already left. I was focusing on Videos earlier of Jared & Moses playing and I uploaded one of those to Youtube and its posted here. at the bottom. Took me a while to figure out the video part of the camera so I missed some really good ones until I figured that out. Still need to read the manual to find out how to get the best out of the new camera.

Just Me (Julianne) had her banjo there, but if she got it out and played it I'd already left. I left about 7:30 or 8:00 over stuffed, but it looked like some of them were around there until closing (Midnight) since the outside party lights were still on then.

There was way more than enough food to go around, but for some reason this year there wasn't much in the way of desert. I guess we need to work on that for next year. What was there was really good. I ate a couple of different types of fruit salad and a good sized slice of cherry pie which was enough for me. There was also pumpkin pie, but I've never liked that so didn't eat any of it.

Not sure of the name of the song in the video so I took my best guess. This is Jared and Moses in the video with Jared on the guitar and Moses on the harmonica.

BTW its windy as hell here and mighty cool so I'm just hunkering down today.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day

Hope all the Americans have a great one and the rest of the world has a good day.

BTW .1 inch of rain last night and no sign of leaks in the cabin. Of course that wasn't much rain and may not have been enough and fast enough to cause the leaks.

There will be a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Legion starting at 3:00 PM. Entertainment is to be provided by several local musicians. Its open to the public.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fly Slayer / New Fridge / Heater / Party Table

Big, Little and Under Feets made it down yesterday evening, but it was this morning before Bigfoot came by. He was bearing gifts as usual and one was a new (to me) apartment sized fridge. This should open up a whole new world for me as far as food storage does. It has a large separate freezer compartment and decent sized fridge part to boot. It pulls less than 150 watts running which is about twice that of the small fridge, but I have plenty of solar to support it.
Ring dropped off the large spool a few days ago and that will make a good party table. I'm figuring I can put the white plastic drum I have in the center and on top of it with the solar light on it and have a well lighted area for the party area and a lighted place to eat for several people. (At night anyway)

Bigfoot also brought me this. I bet I'll have a lot of fun with it, but I brought it in here and loaded it and even though there had been a bunch of flies in here earlier they all seem to have vanished now. Evidently new technology news and warnings must travel fast in the fly community. If you wonder how it works you can watch the video below.

And last, but not least Bigfoot also dropped off this heater. Its a loaner, but hopefully I can get one like it before he needs it back. It should do great in the cabin once I finish insulating it.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grub Shack Gone! / New Camera / First Pix

What you see above used to be the Grub Shack. I'M REAL SURE IT WAS THERE YESTERDAY, BUT ITS SURE GONE TODAY!

Thanks to my Lil Sis and Bro in law Raye Vern & Ring I'm back in the picture taking business. Matter of fact I'm probably in the Video business also. :)


Friday, November 16, 2012


Since I haven't gotten anymore insulation up in the ceiling
that may be a good thing according to the weather forecast. Looks like a good chance of rain coming up so at least I'll be able to see if I got the roof leaks patched. (If it rains) I'd rather find that out before the insulation is in. I can hope can't I? Outside of that its totally cloudy and pretty cool which SUCKS in my opinion.
More old Pictures


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Old Pictures

Haven't made much progress on the cabin lately. I got all four walls insulated (except for the 16 inch center corners and will have to cut down the insulation to fit those. The sealing kicked my butt though and will take help. Ring is on his way down here and hopefully we can get most of that taken care of, but after doing a recount I find I don't have enough insulation to finish anyway. His birthday was yesterday and mine is tomorrow so there's a birthday party planned at the legion for tonight for the both of us.

Ran across some other old pictures of junk I've built so decided to post some of them.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Slower Progress

Got the two other bags of insulation my last trip to Alpine. I still lack a good bit of wiring for the cabin and still need to add headers for the AC and third window. Can't finish the insulation until I get all of that done and I'm not having a lot of luck getting very far with the wiring. The wire built in to flex conduit is a real pain the butt to work with but its all I have. At least its protection against rodents chewing through the wire and starting a fire.

According to online weather its supposed to at least get down to 32 degrees tonight with a chance of rain, but you sure couldn't tell it today because it got pretty warm. I'm having to take a lot of stuff out of the cabin to make room to work in there and when it started clouding up I had to move everything back inside. Sure slows things down!

I checked on a seal for the Jeep and AutoZone showed two different ones and I don't have a clue which  one I need. On top of that they'd have to order them which would have meant another trip to Alpine the following day. I went ahead and got a valve cover gasket and black RTV (silicone sealant) to seal it with and hope that will help on the oil leakage if it doesn't cure it.

I hear Big, Little and Under feet will be here before long and it will sure be good to see them. Seems like its been for ever since they were here.

Yvada Yvida Yvida... That's all Folks...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A little less than half of the Americans know why I say that. I'll say it again. CRAP!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Missed Her Again!!!

Had to make another trip south because I forgot to get drinking water the last trip. Also needed to take care of some banking so I can pay the VA co pay for the medications I get. When I returned about 11:00 I noticed a couple of boxes sitting in the trailer. I checked them out and MsB (Ms Belinda) Terlingua Dreams had stopped by on her way home to Del Rio or maybe Houston. Looks like I missed her by about 30 minutes. :( Anyway she left a couple of care packages full of all sorts of stuff (including drinking water, sodas, pork rinds with hot sauce, Halloween goodies, several cans of tuna and a good deal more stuff.)

MsB, sorry I missed you again and thanks for all the goodies! Maybe next year? Who knows? I may venture down to the Chili Cook off next year?

Our own local guy George Goss

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chili cook off / This and that

Made a trip south to Study Butte yesterday even though I figured there would be a lot of these down there.
Dave also needed to  go along to get supplies and that was the reason I was pressed in to taking a chance on going south. I was out of supplies and didn't want to go hungry. As we topped the hill and headed in to SB it almost looked like a ghost town as there was no traffic at all on 118. I also needed gas and decided to stop at BBMI for breakfast since I hadn't eaten there in a long time.

Sort of wish we hadn't eaten there then because they had the damn buffet which meant scrambled eggs made from powdered eggs which are always LOUSY! So was the really greasy bacon, sorry pancakes, sausage that isn't fit to feed to a dog much less a human. Matter of fact I'd doubt that most dogs would even eat it. Actually about the only thing that was good was the coke I had to go with it. Worst part was it was too damn high for the slop served. They should have been paying people to eat it instead of charging for it.

Anyway I got enough gas after that to get me to Alpine next week where the gas will probably be about 25 cents a gallon cheaper. After that it was on to the Cottonwood store for supplies and then back north to home. I got just enough supplies to last me until I go to Alpine where groceries are a good bit cheaper. On the way back by the BBMI we saw the only DPS cruiser we saw the whole time we were there, but I'd imagine that changed by yesterday evening and last night. They were probably wall to wall.

My niece Madaleine Alexander caught the below picture at the airport the other day and I thought it was so cool I'd share it here. Hope she doesn't mind. :)

This is a C5A cargo plane (I think the biggest US plane we have. From what I hear just the fuel in one of these weighs more than a fully loaded 747. I also hear they will carry 9 greyhound buses at once. Watching them fly is something else. They are so large that they look like they are flying so slow that they could fall out of the sky at any time. We have the B1s, B52s and C130s that make low level runs down here all the time, but I sure wish these flew down here to.

Here's the S.O.T.P. for this post.