Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mo Pix 04/30/2015

Foliage is trying to over grow my dam. That's ok though might help it hold water. I still need to extend it about another 20 feet to ever have a good sized pond after rains.

The Lechuguillas are doing good as is everything else after the wet winter. I tried my best to find some of the other types of cactus that I have seen here before, but this is a big place and I couldn't remember where I'd seen them before so maybe later? (Probably after the blooms are gone) Grrr.

Below are my Range Extenders. (Crutches I picked up off the porch at the legion) They have extended my range of hunting by a bunch, but now I need a back pack and folding stool to be able to do much now days.

And below is a picture of the target I'm using now. I was shooting an M1 Garand from almost 100 yards away using open or battle field sights. (No Scope) I love those M1 Garands!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Just a few pictures.

That's all for now Folks.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Green & Yellow

Things are Green and Yellow around here. This is the greenest I've ever seen around here. Some areas are Green, Yellow and Blue with the Bluebonnets. Looks like its going to be a beautiful year down here!

Friday, April 3, 2015

For those who are members of the American Legion Heads UP. I've found that some people who hang out at the legion don't know this because they have not read the flier on the bulletin board there. All members that can need to show up and either vote or throw your hat in the ring for one of the officer's positions. Having one person in control of too many posts is not a good thing (Especially when it is the top three posts!) I've done a year as commander and don't care to run for that post again mainly because of all the politics and back stabbing involved. If you are a member do your best to attend and VOTE and if you are not a member and know people who are please bring this to their attention and urge them to attend. The legion can also always use more members so if you are qualified please join and help out.