Sunday, May 27, 2012

Foots / Rain / Lost

The Foots came down Friday and I intended to be here if they stopped by. Bigfoot had said they would be here about noon and I went to Study Butte early to get some supplies and take a shower. When I got here a little before noon I found the following laying up against the cabin and inside.
The doors are exterior and one of them will work quiet well for the front door on the cabin. Not sure what I'll do with the second one yet, but I bet I can figure it out. The one I got from Dennis is now going to be a 36" x 6'6" outdoor table.

The paint is light lime green and should be plenty enough to paint the exterior of the cabin to protect the OSB until I can get it either stuccoed or get a different color paint I like. They also left a small window just about an inch bigger than I intended to install on each side of the cabin, but with just a little work I can make it work the same way. (Forgot to get a picture of it)

The chairs are very well made and should hold up pretty darned well unlike the cheap Chinese crap out there. Also has plenty of pockets for all sorts of  storage which will make it real nice. They are made in China to, but the tubing and fabric are sturdy enough for even big guys like Bigfoot.

We started getting a little rain yesterday evening, but only a couple of 10ths and later the foots and I met up at the Legion to visit. While we were there it came a real turd floater. It netted about 1 1/4 inch of rain in a fairly short time. The foots decided to go to their cabin and since their new/used vehicle is only 2 wheel drive I was afraid they may not make it home because there is a nasty wash going to their place and the roads had all turned in to rivers by then. Well they took off before me and I lost them. I took the same rout I figured they would take, but never found them. I took a wrong turn since you couldn't even see the roads. All you could see was water. I put the jeep in 4X4 mode and with taking the wrong turn wound up way further out in the ranch than I should be. I finally found a safe place to turn around (high ground) and put the peddle to the metal headed back the direction I knew I'd have to go to get back home. Several times even with moving fast enough to kick up a huge rooster tail of water I almost slowed to a crawl in the muddy road which would have meant stucksville and spending the night in the jeep. The wipers weren't keeping up with all the rain and muddy water being thrown up on the windshield so a lot of my driving was blind. I think I managed to stay in the road though because I didn't hear any bushes hitting the jeep.

Not really. I knew which way to go to get back here. just wasn't sure I'd make it. I was still worried about them this morning, but using the binoculars it seems they probably made it home. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

9 Point Myth

Down here in Terlingua it is real common for untrue information to circulate about everything including people. Looks like the same has gone around about 9 Points Ranch because every since I've been here I've heard that it has been owned by Anheuser-Busch for over 100 years. The other day I was talking to one of my friends who has been here for many years and he told me that 9 Points ranch was once called Johnson Ranch. It was owned by president LBJ back when. I started scouring the web and finally found mention of it and a map pinpointing the top of 9 Points Mesa. Of course now there is another LBJ ranch in another part of the state.

BTW for the newbies the blog header picture is of 9 Points Mesa with Black Hill in front of it.

Talking with others the ranch has had many owners since LBJ owned it, but the owner now and the last owner are Anheuser-Busch executives  and the ranch is used for entertaining their guests. Don't worry you'll probably never be one of them.

While searching the topic I ran across this photo of 9 Points Mesa taken in 1899. I'd say it was probably taken from the south side looking back north at the mesa?

I found this photo here;free_form=hill%2C%20r.t.;start=0

There are some pretty cool old pictures there and I searched for an old picture of Cathedral Mountain before the earthquake that shook the top part of it of, but didn't find one. Matter of fact I've done a lot of searching for that and have never found one. Supposedly that mountain used to be the tallest peak in Texas until then, but is now the third tallest after loosing the 300 foot steeple.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cast off / alternative to Dungeon

First off the cast is off and things are not good. I think the broken bone is mended ok, BUT! My wrist and hand are all screwed up. Both are still swollen badly and trying to bend my wrist is very painful. Don't look like I'll be able to do much of anything with my left arm probably without surgery. The VA would have to do that and they are still dragging their feet getting me back in the system. I guess the cabin is on hold indefinitely since there is very little I can do now..

As for the Dungeon alternative? Now there is a company selling pre-built treated wood cabins and storage buildings. They can be bought via rent to own or outright. Delivery to your property is free. Prices seem real good to. Sure wish I'd have had that option back when I was renting the dungeon.  The one below has a loft also.

They have a lot on 118 close to the Grub Shack with most of the buildings they sell on it so they can be looked at before you by. They are not finished inside, but they can have that done for you. Even being uninsulated and with windows they would be a hell of a lot cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than a shipping container and rent would go toward purchase unlike the containers. You could also live in one and finish it up yourself over time. (provided you have the full use of all limbs)

If any of you are interested let me know and I'll get Ron's number for you.

You can also visit the manufactures site to get specs and so on.
Derksen Buildings

Also on a different topic you might want to watch this short video from CNN. I guess they are finally getting tired of the BS to!

Monday, May 14, 2012


My neighbor showed up this morning with this snake in the back of his pickup. It was in the open in his driveway so needless to say you have to be careful in clearings just like in brush. Of course they are a lot easier to spot in a clearing (especially when the background color is different than the snake).

This one was actually a little over 36 inches long, but the nerves kept making it move when stretched. I'd call that a pretty good sized snake. You can't really determine the age of rattlesnakes by the number of buttons, but I counted 11 so its likely a pretty old snake.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day & an Obit

First off let me wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day. Hope you all have a great one.

And on the Obit? One of my granddaughters posted this on FB and I was obliged to post it here.
Sounds like he had a full life.

And on another note I've checked with Dave at the Legion about having sort of a memorial party in honor of Carroll Shelby after his death last Thursday. If this materializes it will probably be held on Saturday May 26th and the Shelby racing group along with any people that were influenced by the legend would be invited.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chance of Rain?

Maybe? Usually when there's a 10 to 20% chance around here it rains everywhere around here, but not here. At 40 to 50% there is a fair chance of at least getting a few sprinkles. Sure wish I had the catchment setup just in case, but no chance of that before I get the cast off. I could sure use the water.

Speaking of cast just 12 more days until I can loose it. Of course I've been told I won't be able to do much with my arm until I can get the strength back in it, but at least it will be real nice not to have the cast on. Maybe I can get back to working on the cabin at least some.

I'm still going at it with the VA trying to get back in the system so I can use the hospital or clinic if I need to, but as of yet they are still screwing me around.