Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AL post 653 Second Ledgendary Jam

This Jam was a total success and actually bigger than the first one! It was down to standing room only inside and the weather cooperated and  the party spilled over out on the patio in front. Lots of people out there to.

Pat O'bryan is more or less responsible for promoting these parties and has done a hell of a job. He is also a very talented photographer not to mention a hell of a musician. In the above photo are some of the prints he's selling and they are great.

Ron Moore putting up some color changing party lights.

Lots of other pictures I may spread out over several blogs. I took a lot of videos that I thought I'd lost, but found out I hadn't.  It takes at least two hours to upload one video though so the  one here will probably be it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Legendary Legion Jam #2 / BeeZZzzz

There will be another Legendary Music Jam at the Legion on Sunday the 27th of this month. If you're able to come I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

(Ladies, leaving panties in the parking lot is optional)

And for the Bees? (see below) This has turned out to be a beautiful warm day and the bees seem to have decided to come out in force. In the picture below anything you see on top of the oil drum and in the glass pie plate is bees (either dead or alive) and of course the flying objects around it is also bees. Early in the morning before the temp gets warm enough for them to come back out that drum and pie plate will be a LONG way from this cabin. Its only about 20 feet away from the front door now and I was getting mobbed by them every time I opened the door. So far no more stings yet though. They are thinning out now that its cooling down.


Today's high was 69°

Last night's low 32°

(Right here) 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The inverter I was running the fridge off of potted out for some reason so that left me with one option. (Find one locally) Fortunately Ron Moore that sells the cabins had one for $300 so there went the $ I was saving to get the Jeep fixed with. Its basically way over kill for what I need, but if the last inverter didn't handle the fridge too good then it probably wouldn't have lasted as long when it comes time to run the window unit. This one should handle anything I throw at it and hopefully last a lot longer then the Harbor Freight ones do.
Guess who?
Got in a fight with a pile of rocks and they won. Stumbling around in the dark is not a good thing to do!

Judy was at the legion when I went up there yesterday and she cleaned the wounds and got me squared away. She makes a fine nurse.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain / Video from Party.

It pretty near rained solid from midnight night before last and through all day yesterday. Couldn't tell how much because I forgot to empty the gage after the snow. Lift the damn burn ban!

Pat O'Bryan has setup a new site called http://www.terlinguamusic.com The video below was taken by him at the party at the legion on the 30th. There will be another party on the 27th of this month. If you can make it come on down or up which ever direction you're coming from.  Will probably be another pot luck event. There may  be some sort of cover charge to make sure the musicians get paid.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Mo Snow Pictures

Having to run the charger about every 5 hours because there is very little juice coming from the solar panels. Needless to say I had to sweep the snow off of all of them this morning. BTW we got  3 inches of the white stuff. Most of the mountains are hidden behind fog so there aren't too many photo ops. :(

The below pictures were sent to me by Dave Secor.

Above pictures were taken at the Legion.


Woke up at about 1:30 AM  and found this. More pictures to come after sunrise.
Looks like  3 or 4 inches.

And below a funny video ot the New Years eve eve party at the Legion. You'll have to watch it all to see why its funny.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve Eve Party

The party was a complete success and we all had a great time. I think almost ALL of the local musicians showed up and there were 67 people shoehorned in to the Legion. There were many standing only because there was no where for them to sit.

The last few pictures were screen captures from videos I took, but part of them were screwed up so I just posted the screen shots without editing them.

Now did I say we all had fun? Well it looks like at least two people had more fun than the rest of us considering the rather sheer panties left behind in the legion parking lot. ;)
And with that said HAPPY NEW YEAR to All.