Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bunch of Stuff

Bobby's Blues & BBQ has closed for now and we at the legion are care taker of his huge BBQ smoker and pit. We hope to make good use of it while we have it.

Nice Smoker Eah?

The Shelby group will be back at the Legion Oct 5th and one of the patrons and myself are planning a Brisket cook off to feed the multitudes. (Provided something doesn't come up between now and then to prevent that.) Should be lots of fun as usual and a lot of photo ops.

In case you've passed the Legion lately and seen this sitting out by the sign you probably asked yourself what the heck is that and why is it there. Well the answers are this. Bobby also donated this part of an old glider to the legion and we plan to remodel it to look like a mini Cobra helicopter for display in about the same place it is sitting. At one time it was a small glider, but years in the desert haven't been kind to it. I think we can do it justice and make it look like a military chopper to draw attention as people drive by on 118. There have already been people stop and ask if its for sale, but the answer is NO!

The compressor blew in the fridge a couple of weeks ago so no fridge. I'll probably get a small chest freezer and convert it to a fridge later on.

The rain catchment needs to be re done from scratch. Its raining now, but all the free water is going out on the ground rather than in the tank.


  1. What is the issue with the catchment? Parts came apart?

  2. rj, its still hooked up, but leaks so bad none of it makes it to the tank. I got out in the rain earlier to try and help that, but no luck.

  3. Nice smoker! Is Bobby the one that bought Kathy's Kosmic Kowboy Kafe?

    The Shelby group should bring in a good crowd. Best of luck with that.

  4. MsB, yes on him buying KKKK's stuff, but the land didn't go with it so he had to move the trailer. smokers and so on somewhere.

    Yes, I hope there will be enough food to go around though. The briskets may be divvied out as small sandwiches for finger food though.

  5. Only in Turdlingua would somebody buy something that doesn't come with the land it sits on. Wasn't that one of the problems with the Grub Shack?

  6. Good point Bkid, but I'm sure Terlingua isn't the only place that happens though.


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