Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paris Texas (The Movie) Staring the Terlingua American Legion.

Guess I had to get sick to take time to update the blog. I've been laying around here sleeping a lot and watching moves because I feel too lousy to do much else.  I decided to try and get something done and this will probably be it for the day. I did manage to get to the legion early this morning and take care of business.

---{Paris Texas the Movie}---

Once up on a time back in 1984 a movie named Paris, Texas was filmed partially at the Terlingua American Legion. The movie can be watched online on Youtube and other sources if you're interested in watching it. Once I started watching it I remembered I'd seen it many years ago, but had no clue where parts of it were filmed.

The movie starts out with a nut case walking through the Devil's Playground and then he finally ends up at the American legion after passing out and being carried there.

A local said the below part of the movie was at the Terlingua Store, but I can't confirm that. Anyway that's where the character passed out and was then transported to the American Legion (Which was supposedly a clinic)

Next photos are screen shots of the Legion. Er Clinic???

Never really was a clinic because the American Legion mail box was there even back then. The barn shown out in front of the mail boxes is the one that disappeared in the big storm a few years back. It must have been being built then because it was eventually totally enclosed with a gabled roof on it.

The picture above was actually the guy walking behind the legion before he was supposedly transported there after passing out.

Below are scenes on the Legion patio.

Looks like the old Doc likes his Tequila.

Also stared Natasha Kinsky

Note ice and gas prices in Alpine back in 1984. Gas would have probably been below a buck a gallon in other parts of Texas. Those were the good old days.

Pretty entertaining movie.

As for the brisket cook off I think it was pretty well determined that I won, but Luke also smoked a bunch of pork spare ribs that were to die for. The cobra (Shelby Group) was a success as usual and a lot of fun. Unfortunately they had already eaten back in Alpine so none of them did more than snack. Not to worry though because there were enough locals to more or less eat everything that wasn't bolted down.


  1. I always liked that movie and Harry Dean Stanton and figured the clinic was the legion after following your blog. Is your property ever in there or was it the other direction?

  2. Yes Andy, my property can be seen from some of the scenes. Guess that makes it famous to. ;) BTW when Dean Stockwell was arriving at the legion/clinic he was coming from the direction of Study Butte and not Alpine like he was supposed to be. Also he was headed out Legion Road when he was leaving which would have only got him to 9 points. I suppose the camping trailers parked across legion road were the film crew. Sure would like to know who the very long haired beauty going in one of them was..

  3. That was filmed in 1982. Were you living there at that time? If so, why were you not an extra in the film, or were you?

  4. DD, this link says 84, but who am I to know. Actually if I'd have been here back then I'd have probably been the nut case walking through the Devil's Playground. I think about that occasionally anyway.

  5. I remember watching that move several years ago, knowing nothing about it and saying "That's at the Legion!"

    Where is Devil's Playground?

  6. Qkid, the Devil's playground starts probably about 5 to 10 miles west of the legion. I've posted a video in the past by Alex Whitmoore where he is flying his J3 Cub over it. You can see that video at to get the scope of the place. 9 Points and Santiago Peek can be seen several time through it and especially in th last few seconds.

  7. Just found out that the place where the guy passed out was at a store that used to be out this way. It was probably around three miles south of the legion off of 118. It was torn down years ago. That rules out the Terlingua Store.

  8. How interesting. I am going to have to watch it one of these days.

    How are you feeling? Hope you are doing better.

    1. MsB, I'm feeling some better. Now its feel better during the day and start feeling lousy again at night. Maybe its working its self out?

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  10. tffnguy,
    Glad you made a little dinero for your work at the Legion Hall...
    If the locals can't 'help' at least they can 'donate' cash for food&drink... The Cobras were looking good, the cars that is... They should have waited and got some REAL BBQ, but probably be to STRONG for city-dwellers!!!
    Haven't watched the movie, yet, but will look for your place in it.
    Sure do hope you get to feelin' better and can have some HAPPY DAYS !!!

  11. butterbean, none of my stuff was here back then you can just see the land where it would be nearly 30 years later.

    I guess next year we will drop back to snacks for the cobra crowd, but then again if they have already eaten why even bother with that? I'm sure the locals enjoyed the food though.
    Actually I didn't make any money off of it because I donated my share to the bar tenders for helping pull the event off.


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