Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another landmark going away.

This old house has been here since who knows when. I've been told at one time it was used for the Terlingua Ranch's original sales office, but don't know that for sure.The stone work around the bottom portion of the house was really great and there was also a bath tub made of the same type stone in the bathroom. It sure looked uncomfortable to me though. Almost looked like volcanic rick was used. Anyway the house is slowly but surely being disassembled and will soon be gone. I don't have a clue what will take its place? This house is located catty cornered from the Legion and on the opposit side of Legion Road and facing highway 118.

And below is a picture of 9 points getting squashed by clouds. I wonder if it was foggy up there?



  1. Always hate to see an old landmark being torn down.

    1. Yep me to. The old barn that blew down a few years ago was right across Legion road from the house.

  2. The wood still looks good. I too hate to see old landmarks disappear.

    Did you get a lot of rain your way?

  3. Yes the wood is still real good and is being salvaged. That old house was very well built. A lot of labor and probably a lot of love went in to it.

  4. That is too bad! I remember I asked you about it, and you said to go check it out, but I never got around to it, and now it will be gone! That's too bad, wonder why they want to remove it, maybe they sold that tract. They did say they were auctioning off a bunch of 5 acre lots in the news letter.

  5. So sad! Even down in the wilderness they are destroying history, I am glad you got a picture to share.

  6. Hey David, when you gonna start another thread to the blog?

  7. I don't know? Maybe soon... The old house is gone now.


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