Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I keep hearing the question "When are you going to post another blog?" and since its been a pretty good while I guess this will be it.

I don't really like posting blog posts without pictures and I haven't been taking any because there just haven't been any photo ops that I've thought was good enough to post. Main reason is I keep forgetting to take the camera when I go somewhere and I don't get out around here anymore because of my bad leg. Anyway so this post isn't without pictures here are some that were posted on here a good while back.

Once again the bluebonnets and other wild flowers are already blooming along 118 further south near Study Butte. Hopefully this last cold snap won't effect that, but it did get down to 27 degrees early this morning. It has been a much wetter fall and winter than normal so hopefully we will have a beautiful spring.

Remember the swimming hole? Well I haven't been there in a LONG time and there are a couple of different rumors (or possibly facts?) going around about it. I guess I'll have to try and make it out there when spring gets fully sprung to see. One is that a flood from one of the big rains filled it with silt and there isn't a swimming hole there anymore??? Another one is that one of the land owners between it and the access has fenced it off where you can no longer get to it. In either case that would be a REAL SHAME!

Pretty near since I've had the jeep it has leaked oil at a rate that I should have owned stock in oil just to offset the cost of having to buy oil for it. A while back one of the members posted on my classic car site about crankcase ventilation and what happens if it weren't there. I had known this years in the past, but had forgotten about it and because of his post decided to check the jeep for that. I found that the crankcase ventilation hose was kinked and was causing oil to blow out the filler in the valve cover.  Fixing that totally stopped the oil leak and it doesn't burn oil either so... That will save me a fortune in oil and open up being able to take the jeep out of this area again.

Well until next time that's it Folks.


  1. TTNGUY,

    I hope your leg gets better and you're able to get out and about. This weather is just terrible. Looking at your picture with the bluebonnets made me smile.
    Good to see you again, take care.

    1. Sandy, that would take back surgery which the VA don't want to do and likewise I don't want them to do so all is as all will be. :(

  2. Glad to see that you posted again. I thought maybe you were hiding out from the law (grin).

  3. Hahaha, That was a good one DD! I was thinking that myself ;-)
    Sorry to hear about you being laid up, but it's good that you were still checking out other stuff so you could get that reminder!!!
    Not happy to hear about the swimmin' hole, I like that spot.
    I hope that because a while ago, someone won a case of gating their land, that we are not going to see a lot of that happening down there!!!! I figure if you want a gate and a fence, stay in the city!....After all, that's why we are all down there, to live free and help your neighbor, the way it was a hundred years ago!....Sometimes, I guess you just can't take the "City" out of some people!
    Well, glad to see you're back on the blog again, it sure brightens my dismal, cloudy, snow covered days to read what's going on down there!!
    I'm on my way, maybe this time I can catch the blooming flowers that I have missed so many times before, for one reason or another. See yas soon!

    1. Maybe we can find out the truth about the swimming hole while you're here Al. As for being laid up I wouldn't call it that. I just have severe limitations now days.

  4. Glad to see you posting again, though not so glad to hear about your leg.

    Are you eligible for Medicare instead of having to use the VA?

    Glad at least you were able to fix the oil leak and can once again use your Jeep for trips back home.

    The blue bonnets are beautiful and I hope that what you have heard about the swimming hole turn out to be just rumors. Take care.

  5. MsB, I do have Medicare, but it doesn't pay anywhere near all the bills.

    Me to on the swimming hole, but I have a feeling there may be some truth in there somewhere.

  6. Medicare does not cover drugs well. You can up paying thousands unless you use the $4 generics only. Also part A and B for hospitals and doctors have deductibles and 80/20 cost sharing unless you buy a supplement, which is highly recommended. The VA system is much more generous which is one reason they are crowded.

  7. Meds are not my real concern its the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay on a hospital stay.


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