Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mo Pix 04/30/2015

Foliage is trying to over grow my dam. That's ok though might help it hold water. I still need to extend it about another 20 feet to ever have a good sized pond after rains.

The Lechuguillas are doing good as is everything else after the wet winter. I tried my best to find some of the other types of cactus that I have seen here before, but this is a big place and I couldn't remember where I'd seen them before so maybe later? (Probably after the blooms are gone) Grrr.

Below are my Range Extenders. (Crutches I picked up off the porch at the legion) They have extended my range of hunting by a bunch, but now I need a back pack and folding stool to be able to do much now days.

And below is a picture of the target I'm using now. I was shooting an M1 Garand from almost 100 yards away using open or battle field sights. (No Scope) I love those M1 Garands!



  1. How's it going out there? Getting some of this Texas rain?

  2. rj, there was a storm Tuesday evening and 1/2 inch rain came out of it. Outside of that not much in the way of rain here. I believe it was the same evening that the ghost town or areas south got hit pretty hard with fairly large hail. (Someone said ping pong ball sized.) Glad I escaped that up this way. I'll try to get another blog entry posted pretty soon.

  3. Does the porch at the Legion work the same as the porch at the Terlingua store where people leave unwanted items for whomever needs them?

    Please be careful when you are out and about now that rattlesnakes have hatched!

    1. Ms B, check for an email headed your way.

    2. I have not received an e-mail...did you send it to

  4. Looking forward to a new post big brother. love lil sis

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