Sunday, June 13, 2010

Local Eateries

For lack of anything else to post I decided to show off the local eateries. (Local to the dungeon that is) First most everyone has seen which is the Legion. The second one everyone has probably seen to either here or on JW's blog. That would be the Grub Shack. Third probably not seen so much and that is Susie's Snack Shack. Fourth is Tivo's Place and the Longhorn Motel. Note the monster Yucca in front of Tivo's! That sucker is HUGE!
And another sunset shot. This was after the storm last night. Had some heavy rain and sounded like small hail, but it was blowing from the east so I had to keep the door shut and couldn't see. Just Me dropped by for a visit earlier before the storm and was going to go out and tend to her bees. Hope she wasn't still out in the boonies when the storm hit. Enjoyed the visit Just Me.
The other toe curlers are of an accident Pepper had after eating last night. :( and then a tarantula crossing the road in front of the dungeon when I was headed out for the other pictures. Hay... With the good must come some bad. (Usually does for me anyway.)


  1. I really like Susies Tin Man..Pepper couldn't make it outside, yuck! You have a male tarantula there. Have you ever seen a female? They are the size of a football. They only seem to move around for a few weeks this time of year, must be their special time : )

  2. frann, I'd never know the difference between them. That was the third time I've seen one so far. One on 118, one by the front door at the legion and the one I took the picture of.

  3. ewe spiders! I like this post because I think its great to let people know about some of the services in the area.

    I was looking at a friends blog and someone comments on his blog with a website url pasted. I checked it out and its pretty good.

    Here it is -

  4. Nice pic o' the puke there, Mr. t. Jeeez. Poor pooch. Those shop towels must not have agreed with her digestive tract!

  5. For those around here, planning to move here or do a weekend visit there will be a drive in theater behind Kathy's Cosmic Cowgirl on Sunday nights now. Won't be a real big screen from what I hear, but you can pull up and watch it in your car. Should be pretty cool if they have decent movies.

  6. Kathy's..mmmm breakfast burrito's!!

  7. I actually never noticed (read: probably missed that post) the local eateries and services.

    Good to see them all in one post. Nice. I appreciate it.

    I also love the starkness of it all out there. There's so much room. Even though outback Australia has similarities, it's not quite the same if you know what I mean. I'll have to organise some snaps I've taken to show you guys that live up on top of the world what life Downunder looks like.

    And just to keep with tradition, I'll flip all the photos up side down. LOL. Just kidding.

  8. Like your pictures and comments. The spider pic brings back memories. Way back, when I used to live up north of Fort Worth, I had a real job (grin). Which meant getting up early. The drive out to the hard road was a narrow dirt/gravel/what-ever type of road. The first Spring I was up there it surprised me. When I would leave for work, it was still dark, and when I was driving down that dirt road with the headlights showing the way, it looked like the road was moving. Tarantulas everywhere. Never have seen so many at one time.

    My sons (young at the time) used to catch them and put them on the kitchen window srceens to scare their Moma. And it worked.

    Hang in there buddy,

  9. pipsqueek, I'm having a problem coming up with new stuff to post so figured this was as good a thread as any. Its too damn hot to do much so for now I'm not doing anything to post about.

    I'm at the legion now so I can stay online long enough to catch up on stuff I want to catch up on.

    Dizzy-Dick, Nothing that bad around here. I haven't seen another one since.

    I'm hanging in there and not hanging yet. ;)

  10. I know John had a thread on his blog recently about Brent Lovelady and I met him at the Grub Shack this morning. Great guy and I told him I'd post the links to his videos on this blog so here goes. (Mainly for the few that don't follow JW's blog.)

    Brent Lovelady

    Brent Lovelady Love Handles

  11. Any thing new at the Legion?? Have they gotten any curtains on those windows yet..still hate a peekin tom/cop.

  12. frann, nope... still no curtains, but I think that's being worked on. Someone mentioned camouflage for them. That should do it. ;)

  13. Well...did you get any rain?

  14. Maybe a half an inch and maybe a little hail? It was raining toward the door so I had to leave it closed again and couldn't see.

  15. Hey what up in Terlingua...

    Glad the legion hall is serving up some grub,

    how are the burgers ???? Don used to make a good one at the old store back in the day.

    need to come on up to our place when ya can.i make "bruce burgers" to die for.

    bring Marc with ya...

    nice post, later


  16. Bruce, the burgers are good. Not the best I've ever had by any means but still good. I'd sure love to see your place in real life. Its going to be awesome! I'd been checking your blog, but you hadn't added anything for a while so I stopped. Guess I need to check in again.

  17. It just dawned on me that you included a toe-curling picture of a pile of canine vomit on your thread about local eateries ... and it made me cringe/grin.

    Goodness, I'm such a silly girl.

  18. Well MC, I just figured that was the ideal thread to post something like that in. ;)


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