Friday, June 4, 2010

Pep Update

Told ya she was getting BIG. Looks like I'll be keeping her. She is doing much better and evidently her watching me drive off with her tied up where she couldn't follow me has paid off. I decided to take her south with me yesterday and expected to have to force her in the falcon, but I put the leash on her and as soon as I opened the door she was IN THERE. It works like that every time now. She seems to be settling down some to. Its getting fun to watch some of her antics to. We're at the Legion right now because the thermometer at the dungen reads 109 outside and 102.8 when we left. I expect it will be at 104 before it starts cooling down. We will head back that way when there is shade to sit outside.

The mosquitoes are really bad now and plenty BIG, but I hear they won't last long once it dries out. (If it dries out) Its still pretty humid around here and little to no wind so that sure doesn't help the heat situation. Its supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. :(

Picture from the other morning.

Now served at the Legion. :)


  1. Happy to hear Pepper is settling down, she looks vicious! Great pic.

  2. frann, she doesn't get along with other dogs too well. Hard to tell if she is trying to play or fight???????????

  3. what a nice sunset! Save one for me and Moriah.

  4. Oh my!! Pepper is kind of scary looking, she would certainly scare the heck out of me...

    Saw the weather report for Terlingua for this weekend. Couldn't help but think of you and all the bloggers that live up your way. Please be careful and drink a lot of fluids, I worry about you.

  5. Sunrise in that picture OGT.

    MsB, the heat here lately will really get your attention! That and the mosquitoes to. They don't seemed to be bothered too much by cutter (An Off knock off)

  6. Updated this thread with a Menu from the Legion. (GOOD FOOD!)

  7. Heat update at 12:39 PM.

    111 outside
    95.6 in the dungeon
    89 degree air coming out of the evap. (Very little help!)

  8. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, Wow I havent had that for lunch since I was 10 years old I think. Maybe Ill have to try it out when I get there.

  9. How much would it cost to buy the solar set-up to run one of those little AC'S [5000 btu's or less] on it's own power? You can get the ac's for $100 including tax! Even if you have to use the generator to knock the temp down until it rises again! 120 temp. while working is ok, but when it comes time to sleep, crank up the air! Great menu at the Legion! Does Pepper have a p.o. box address for treats and maybe you too!

  10. Get you some Avon Skin So Soft for those skeeters. Works great. I'm melting in this metal box here in Tennessee! Don't know how anyone can live in high temps as you have.

  11. No fried pickles?? Darn it!

  12. OGT, I like both, but have never had the combination, but it should be good.

    Fred, it would cost a lot more then I have to spend. I have a 6000 BTU AC, but don't want to have to run the generator for long periods at a time. I'm thinking about adding it under the window of the dungeon though where I could keep the swamp cooler for not so extreme temps. No PO, just an address.

    My eX used to use that stuff all the time and I can see why mosquitoes wouldn't bite. I find it very offensive myself when its first put on. I could use some skin care though. My skin is pretty well burned up.

    frann, I ask and they said no.... Maybe later?

  13. Welp... Pepper is at it again! See the last picture I uploaded. she woke me up about 2:30 and when I turned on the light that was what I saw. (about a 1/2 role of shop towels. Worst part is that they are the type that could have been washed and reused and I haven't found anywhere down here that sales them. Grrrr Guess where she spent the rest of the night. If you picked OUTSIDE you would be right.

  14. Frann,
    I just ate lunch today at a great burger place in Midland and they offered... fried pickles! Check it out...

    Unfortunately, I had already ordered before I found out they offer them so I'll have to wait until my next visit to give them a try.


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