Sunday, November 14, 2010

The way we were

The Dungeon and I that is.

Its been a while since I updated this blog and I don't have much to update it with and no pictures at this time. I will post the picture of Allen and Ok Hwa Hare that I took when they stopped by on their way back to the DFW metroplex. Was good to see them again.

As far as the dungeon goes its real close to being back like it was when it was dropped off here. (Other than being full of most of my remaining worldly possessions.) The only thing remaining is the front I built for it and as soon as I have a need to that it will also be disassembled. I've started building on the new storage building with the material taken from the inside. Its starting to look like I may have to keep the dungeon for another month though because I will be just a little shy on material to finish it. Its also turned in to one of those one step forward and two steps back deals. JustMe stopped by this afternoon and renewed an offer of some used siding she has though so I may still be able to let the dungeon go to some other needy soul at the end of the month. I wish the next renter good luck with what ever they use it for.

Picture is of Allen and Ok Hwa just before they pulled out to go home. Pretty nice rig they have and I would love to have a little Broncho like the one he has. Maybe one of these days.


  1. tffnguy

    Im glad your making progress on getting rid of the shipping container (aka. Dungeon) I had my own soap opera with trying to mount a bipod ($99.00) on that M1A rifle. Turns out I will get a to gunsmith mount on a (swivel QD nut thing $40.00 from Brownells) on the fiberglass stock (another $45.00 labor) there are rivets, and fiberglass bedding involved, a real mess and I dont want to crack the stock. Moral of the story "anything worth anything is gonna take money and effort"

  2. captaincrunch, probably a wise move having a gunsmith do it. I'm sure you will enjoy it even with the expenses.

  3. Id like to meet mr mrs hare some day, congrats on getting closer to making your own shed. Hope yer doin fine and I called and said hi to the legion and spilled the beans.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID S. your only 100 years old (naw really dont know how old you turned today but like to think of you still pluggin away at 100 anyway)

  4. Come over to my place sometime and I'll take you to my neighbor Dale Wood and show you his sweet little Broncho..I will be home in a few days...I will stop on the way to say hi.

  5. Nick, the're good people and I suspect you will get to meet them sooner or later.

    As for my age I'm 36. No wait you'll have to turn that number around. ;) The legion already knew it and I'm supposed to go get my free beer. RN is here and his BD was Saturday so maybe they will give him a free one to?

    Frann, I'll do that and as far as you stopping by remember we have a movie date. :)

  6. Hey, Dave, congratulations on making it another year. I'll tip one in your honor up here in Dallas.

    Thanks for posting the pic of Ok Hwa and me. The picture looks great. Also, thanks for your kind words about my rig. The Bronco and the trailer are old, but, I've sunk a lot of money into them to keep them in good mechanical shape. The Bronco is a dream to drive, and I love it.

    Ok Hwa also says "Hi", and thanks for the pic. As you remember she didn't want to get out of the car, but, now is glad she did!

    Good luck with all.

  7. Allen, I intended to tell you about a place for sale near here while you'll were here, but forgot it. If you think you might be interested let me know.

    Look forward to seeing you'll down here again next year (If not sooner)


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