Monday, November 1, 2010


First pictures... Target practice with Bigfoot. Shooters are Bigfoot, Bob Dawson, Jackie (Bigfoot's friend) and myself.

Then there's the old trailer stripped of the chicken wire cage and rotted out floor. I have my other storage cleaned out and turned in and will soon be gutting the dungeon to use the materials to build the new storage building. Hopefully I gan get the dungeon turned in by the 1st of next month.

Last two pictures... BBT has arrived across the road. Still don't know when it will be instilled because now they tell me it will be Jan 6th (If not before) Really something to go on there Eah?


  1. Damn, I missed it. Hope you can do that again next time I'm there!

  2. Jim, you'll have to take that up with Bigfoot because he will probably be the only one around here with a long gun at the time.

  3. Looks like you guys are having a bit of fun as you get the chance! That's a good thing!

    Being that close, seems like they could get it over to your house a lot quicker, doesn't it?

    Good luck, buddy!

  4. The longer the wait, the more you will appreciate it when you finally get it.

  5. HermitJim, shooting is always fun for me. Especially when I'm not paying for the ammo. ;) See my reply to DD.

    DD, they got the cable run to in front of this place just now and a couple of the BBT guys walked over to talk and said they are going to run it from the other side of the raod to here this afternoon. Then it will just be a matter of when they make the connections and turn it on. Can't be soon enough for me!!!

    I get the impression that they plan to use the connection here for something else to. When the first guy came out he kept looking at all the low areas around here. (360 degrees) and he kept saying "This is it... This is it" Not sure what that means, but since they ran a separate small cable for my hookup and a very large one for something else that will terminate on the other side of the road that makes me think even more that they may be thinking a green tower or something like that somewhere in the future. Nice to know now that my land goes past the road because it might mean $ for me later on.

  6. I wish I could shoot at something right now! Hope you have your phone line soon.


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