Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hotter than usual (in here)

Yesterday evening thunderheads built to the east. Matter of fact they did this evening to, but seemed to collapse before sunset today. The above picture was yesterday evening at sunset. The picture below is where the storms were actually located which was in Mexico and not even in Texas. Ah... just another tease both evenings. Maybe one of these days?
Note the map shows 99 degrees I think at Study Butte, but it was 105 here! Evidently it was pretty humid because the coolest it ever got in here this afternoon and evening was 89.4 as can be seen in the picture below of the inside clock thermometer and the outdoor thermometer. The swamp cooler usually keeps it 84 degrees or less in here when its on medium and 105 degrees or less outside.
About 6:00 PM I said to heck with it because the temp had dropped to about 103 and it felt more comfortable outside in the shade with the breeze than it did in here at almost 90 degrees with the extra humidity from the swamp cooler. It just almost reminded me of my Dungeon days.

On another note my neighbor Robert stopped by early this morning and wanted me to go with him to Study Butte for breakfast so I did. On the way back we stopped by Nicks Place and had a good visit. He hasn't started building yet, but a few days like this one with him living in his own dungeon I'd bet he will get motivated to get a place built?

After we got back here I went to the legion to see if they had ice yet and no luck on that so fortunately I had maybe a fourth bag of ice I'd managed to stuff in the small freezer of my fridge so at least I had ice for this evening. I guess if I want ice tomorrow it will mean a  trip south.

A few days back I acted as an adviser to help get Sherri's solar system  back up and she rewarded me with a huge loaf of home made bread. (Sherri is the weekend bar tender at the legion and the new master of Pepper/Athena) That is if you could consider anyone Pepper's master. ;) I'd almost demolished about a 4th of the loaf within 15 minutes of getting home. I melted butter in the cast iron skillet and toasted several thick slices for lunch and am about to do the same right now. Sure is GOOD! Thanks Sherri!


  1. Sure looks hot. Is there any breeze at all? Have you any spare sheets? If so, and you could make yourself a tent, then that should cool the inside (tent) area quite a bit. We hang (dripping) wet towels at our doors and windows here when it's really hot - works like an air conditioner :-)

    Alternatively, get youself a large bucket, and live sleep in a bath of water...

  2. Its so humid and hot down here that you gotta chew the damn air before you you breath it. South Texas humidity mixed with salt in air from Laguna Madre which is half a mile from my house and the Gulf of Mexico which is seven miles from my house. Its also constant 40 MPH winds too with hazy sky from the water vapor in the atmosphere.

  3. just sent Fran a message...dont know how to get a hold of Nick...241 burger night tonight? I can come pick you up (but it aint a date so don't get any funny ideas)

  4. Dani, its just one of those things you put up with down here.

    CC that's another reason I don't miss Houston.

    Well damn John, if it ain't a date then I ain't going. Actually its too close to pay day or too far away from it (which ever way you want to look at it) so I'll have to pass on this one. If you have Nick's phone number you can get him out there. His cell phone works there. He has it stuck up on one of the tanks so he can hear it ring. I never got his number so can't help you there.

  5. I feel for ya tffn. I'm sure Hell is a lot like Houston in July/August. The weather cooperated when I was there last week, but that was a fluke.

    Best thing is to do what you did. Sit outside in the shade and take it easy. When I was small in New Orleans we didn't have air conditioning. Don't know how we survived, lol.

  6. I grew up in Tomball - which is only 30 miles north of Houston, Texas. We certainly didn't have any air conditioning 60 years ago - but we did have an attic fan. This pulled in "cool" outside air through all the open windows and exhausted the hot air thru the roof louvers. By morning - you were pulling up your bed covers to get warm! Of course, never having air conditioning - we didn't know what we were missing.

  7. jicky, we didn't have any type ACs when I went to school and it was a good while before we had anything like that at home when I was growing up. Didn't seem to bother any of us back then, but you get used to something like air conditioning and its hard to get by without it. (At least for a while)

    RM, I spent years crawling around in attics in Houston and a lot of other parts of Texas doing HVAC work. Don't know how in the heck I survived that and in some cases I probably shouldn't have. A sweat lodge doesn't have anything on an attic. Also spent the same number of years (about 30 of them) freezing my butt off in the winter and baking my brains out under the Texas sun in the summer. I was a lot younger then though. Never the less you do what you have to do down here to get by, but it can be mighty tough at times.

  8. I remember as a kid we would go in the grocery store and sit on the floor in the freezer isle until they ran us out.

  9. Leave it to Frann to come up with other options. Who would have ever thunk??? Pretty bright idea there.


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