Sunday, May 1, 2011

Go'in Go'in, But not Gone yet.

Emptied, cleaned out and ready to go away, but so far its still here. The woman said the guy that picks them up might be out of town today. Hope they don't take long to get it or I might have to start charging them rent. ;)

I guess the white lettering is probably different on all of them so if anyone ever rents a container around here and it has the same lettering then they will know they got the one and the only original  tffnguy's Dungeon. Hay! That's a pretty famous container.

Boy howdy Lookie here what O'l tffnguy done! Planted this from a seed 4 days ago and see what already on it. You do believe that don't you? ;) I'll probably eventually have to transplant it in to a larger container, but for now it should be good to go for a while. I normally use the large round blue totes (33 Gallon) for planting tomatoes in. The pail has been out in the sun for a long time and is brittle as hell so it won't be hard to break it away from the soil when I need to transplant it. This is a ROMA and I much prefer Early Girls because they are the only ones out of many types I tried over the years that kept me in tomatoes all season long. The others just didn't hack it and either didn't put out much or came on like gang busters at first and then died an early death. Unfortunately they were out of Early Girls so since this one had a tomato on it already I decided to give it a try. (Got this at the Cottonwood Store in Study Butte) When I get ready to transplant it in to one of the big totes I'll put quarter inch mesh around it and on tip of it to keep the rabbits and birds from getting at it and also put a shade tarp on top and the west side to keep it from burning up. That worked well in Plano before I built the green house and should do good here?

And on another note JW and Cindy came in the legion while I was in there getting ice yesterday and I got to meet Cindy. Great gal and she stopped by here after they left the legion and sampled one of my famous Mojitos. I don't think she found the land she was looking for, but maybe she will be back before too long and will have success. She invited me to go to the Starlite with her to see Frann, but unfortunately I had to get as much done cleaning out the dungeon as I could so I had to decline. Dang it! Now watch them wait a week to come get it. :(


  1. It is clear to see (taste?) why you are the mojito man... soon to be famous or infamous. I am at the legion but just about to get in my car and head back to the hill country. The dungeon looks much better than when I saw it, and am glad you have cleared that hurdle...
    no land this trip, but we will see... what the future holds.

    Enjoyed meeting you!

  2. Glad I got to see you before you left Cindy. Hope you can come up with some land you like before long.

  3. Dungeon.looks.great!!!

  4. i have fond memories of that dungeon :(

  5. I always hear you and Frann mention Mojitos but I must admit I had never heard of them before...I am more of a beer drinker, but now I am sure curious to taste one.

    You did a good job clearing out and cleaning Dungeon I. Did you have to get rid of a lot of things?

  6. What did that rent for?

    I am thinking that one of those would be great for all kinds of uses, like a shop.

    Did you ever price one for purchase?

  7. ~mc~ I have lots of memories of it to, but some of them were not fond at all. Of course when you came for the visit that was a fond one. ;)

    MsB, you just might throw rocks at beer once you try a Mojito. I haven't had to throw away anything yet, but I think the wind is helping there. A lot of stuff may be in Mexico now with the high wind. I haven't had a chance to get everything i there yet so it still either in the trailer or sitting on the ground outside the Dungeon II.

    LL, the rent was $85 a month. I'd love to have a couple of them but can't afford one. What I wanted to so is something like JW and put a roof between them, but use that for a car port and shop and then use the containers for living space and storage. I've heard you can buy them in Ft. Stockton and they will deliver them for a total price of $2400 each. I haven't checked in to it so can't say if that's true or not.

  8. Better put a prop under that mater, or pretty soon it is gonna look like Snoopy's christmas tree.

  9. Is your shipping container the type described here?
    If the pesticides make balls shrink, they can't be good for girls either.
    Dear Sir,
    Three observations on shipping containers. According to the tags on the doors, the timber component (the floor to most people) almost invariably is treated with serious pesticide. There are multiple purposes to the pesticide treatments - a) to prevent transplantation of harmful insects around the world, b) to protect the structure of the floor, and c) to protect the contents from infestation
    and damage. The treatments are serious both in quantity, being roughly in the range of 1 to 10 pounds of pesticide in the wood, and serious in quality. Even 5 lbs is enough to kill a staggering number of insects. As often as not, these pesticides have been banned in the US (and frequently Europe too). Some cause cancer (e.g.., DDT) while others cause testicular atrophy (e.g., Phoxim). Some take hours of diligent searching to track down on the internet either because of trade names or cryptic abbreviations. Pesticides are at least somewhat volatile and almost certainly will permeate the contents
    over time, especially if the can gets hot. Note that the contents can include occupants; caution with food storage in containers also advised, unless strong measures are
    taken (e.g., remove and replace the floor with untreated wood). Please note that lacquers, varnishes, paints and plastic sheets are highly permeable to organic vapors.

  10. BfA, already have it propped up.

    vlad, as young kids we used to run along in the cloud of smoke being pumped from the back of a city pickup sent out to combat mosquitoes. That cloud of smoke was DDT. (we didn't know better)

    We would go to shoe stores and view the bones in our feet through an x-ray machine. (over exposure to radiation)

    As a young man I was exposed to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. (I didn't know better)

    After that I worked in the HVAC field and was exposed to asbestos, very toxic gas from burned out compressors, exposed to killer heat in attics and handled a lot of materials that are now buried in toxic waste dumps. (I didn't know better)

    I've been shot at and missed and spit at and hit. I could go on with this a lot longer, but will just say (We've all got to go some time)

    BTW the living portion of the dungeon had a second floor between me and the normal floor and was sealed off pretty well.

  11. Hey,
    I've been reading your blog for a while.
    Aways checking on it but until today I really didn't have much to offer. I live in Fort Stockton and can ask around town for prices, if that's okay with you?

  12. They jacked the prices up in Ft.Stockton since I got mine there....think it is about $3600 now for a 20 footer.

  13. Not a rum fan, I'll stick with my beer. Now, tequila drinks - we can talk.

    Margaritas all around!

  14. oh now jicky... don't knock a mojito made with mint lifesavers and are PINK, until you have tried one... the only think that could make them any better is if they were made with coconut rum... (my personal favorite)... ok, well maybe not, but if you don't like them, I will make you a killer margarita. It will be so good you will have trouble drinking any others...

    Tffn... did they come get the dungeon yet?

  15. Nerys, it wouldn't help me because I won't be buying any, but maybe it would help out others?

    Damn! That seems high John!

    Jicky, Nick says they can be made out of tequila to?

    Cindy, I don't know about the dungeon because I'm not there right now.

  16. good picture of TFFNGUY on my blog

  17. Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard. That's just Nick The Prick.

  18. Lol, but it is a good picture... would be better if you were smiling, like the one I saw last weekend... "smile" that is.. Love the hat!

  19. If anyone is looking for 20' containers I would check Ebay where they have been going for $1600 and up. There are a number of places in Houston that you might get a better deal if you make some calls because as a port we take in more than we ship out.

    As for the guy not picking up your container, I think you need to charge HIM for all your advertising of HIS container rental service :)

  20. Cindy, the only rum drink I like is Gosling's with ginger beer - Dark & Stormy. I'll stick to tequila, beer, wine and whiskey. Lynchburg lemonade anyone? I do like the idea of pink drinks, though.

  21. Gonna be a very different view from our place looking towards yours, that's..what...probably 2-1/2 miles apart?

    no more big red box to hide behind.

    seeya next week, David.

    Big F.

  22. Scavenger, the we just got back from Odessa and the dungeon is still here. I'll probably call them tomorrow and ask them if they would like to rent the space its sitting on. It don't really bother me being there other then it isn't doing m any good, but my neighbor is wanting to scab internet off of me and that can't happen with the dungeon there because it is blocking the signal.

    Well Jicky, I do have a blender and am not against drinking tequila drinks or shooting it for that matter. ;)

    Bigfoot, I think I clocked it at 3 miles by driving, but as the crow flies who knows. I'm going to put up a privacy fence between there and here once the dungeon is gone. ;) See you when you get back here.

  23. Check prices on the longer cans, they are usually cheaper than the spuds(20'ers).


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