Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Shiri Appleby

My favorite actress (at this time) ;)

Recent pictures around here.
Clouds rolling off of 9 Points Mesa
Last two were of a couple of C-3 Gun Ships making a pass beside 9 Points Mesa.


  1. Clicked the link and got a virus threat report from the IT guys.

  2. That's weird. AVG didn't have a problem with it.

  3. Probably something the IT guys have set up. They are very tight with their restrictions here.

  4. Added another link and some recent pictures. As for Shiri she's a very pretty young lady and a hell of an actress. Hope too see more movies with her staring in them.

  5. Norton 360 caught the malware on the first link. Might want to take it dowm

  6. rj, The first link has been removed.

  7. BTW hope nothing shows up on the second link!

  8. Tffnguy,

    Those pics with the gunships, they are really transporting
    "recruited midgets" to Mexico for the Mexican Midget wrestling circuit.

    look up "midgets gone missing" on Alex Jones ""

    Its all part of a Globalist Plot to infiltrate the mexican midget wrestling leagues. The long term goal of this plot is to have midgets around the globe mate with normal women and produce midget kids,

    In a few thousand years the worlds population will be reduced to nothing but midgets. The Social, Corporate and Goverment Elite will all be tall people and the midgets will be the little slaves, the Umpa lumpa's of the future (see Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factury)

    This would make a great plot for a book (if it was not real. he,he,he)

  9. There's my trike !!!! Ok, it's really YOUR trike...but what the hell, I can dream...


  10. Terry, I keep the trike around here for cc's midgets to ride when they jump out of the gun ships as they go over. Speaking of cc I'm starting to think that crack lab down the street from him is manned by midgets and he's spending too much time down there.

  11. Tffnguy

    Im still laughing about the "crack lab, manned by midgets" line. You struck one out of the ball park with that line.

    I joke around a lot. When things get really bad, I joke evan more. Things are falling apart, Irans got one of our spy drone aircraft. Dirtbag countrys the world over feel they have to have nukes. The economy is in a tailspin. Irresponsible hippy children are protesting banks and feel the world owes them a participation trophy.

    I crack jokes to deal with the tragedy that is happening. I gotta find the humor in the absurdity of life.


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