Friday, April 13, 2012

Its Roofed!

Roofing material supplied by Leon A friend and part time neighbor.
Part of the Roofing crew (All friends and neighbors.)
 A sheet of tin going up. Robert my nearest neighbor standing on the roof and he screwed most of the metal down.
Leon working on securing the roof.
After work Party. Lots of food and drink furnished by Leon and other friends.
Inside after finished. I'll post more info when I feel better.


  1. YEEEEEHAH!! Well done :) And many, many thanks to Leon and Robert and the gang :)

  2. Great neighbors! Thank the good Lord for good ppl.

  3. Do you have the drapes picked out yet???

  4. You've got good friends! Hope ya heal up fast!!

  5. slingblade did good

  6. Congratulations for the roofing of your home and for the good friends and neighbors that were not about to let you down and came through when you most needed them.

    You are a fortunate man Mr. Smith :)

  7. We do believe that is the most perfect and well deserved cabin I ever did see.!!!

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.....congrats David!!

    Wish we coulda been there to help....maybe this fall for the master bedroom addition.?

    "good friends, good food, good God, let's drink!"

    Da Foots!!!

  8. Thanks for all the comments and excuse me for not answering them individually, but this using one hand to type slows me down too much.

    You might notice the five foot overhang off of the front. I'd intended to build a 4'x8' screened in porch in front, but now it looks like that will be a 4'x16 screened in porch to take advantage of all that overhang. I was also planning to add a 4'x12' addition on the south end for the bathroom and kitchen/closet. Leon left me two more sheets of the corrugated tin so that should just about cover that.

  9. Try to get that overhang secured soon so that the next windstorm doesn't send it to Robert's place...

  10. rj, I'd love to be able to do that, but no chance of that until I can use my left arm again. Between what other stuff Leon left and what I already have It could be done though. (just not by me now)

  11. I'm so glad to see you got a roof on - great neighbors :)

  12. Abby, yep... Too bad the rest of the country can' be like Terlingua. BTW its high wind out of the south and there were a few screws missing in the roof which was letting the tin flap which would have probably caused a failure. Nick came by and took care of that.

  13. Glad Nick came by to help secure it.

    Lots of wind too. Came outside to try to get a better reception but I don't want the PC to get dusty so fixing to go inside.

    Have a good weekend and I hope your arm heals soon.

  14. Tffnguy

    I used to post here all the time as captain crunch if you recall. I ditched my google account so now I mostly just check your blog and not comment. As a admirer of your blog, I wish I was there today to help out.
    I think your house is Badass and Im glad others are there to help you out.
    Take care of that arm, and hang in there when fighting the VA. If you need any advice on fighting the Veterans Administration
    e-mail me at

  15. MsB, the roof survived and I heard gusts reached 60 MPH? at any rate it was plenty high.

    My hand is still swollen and looks pretty bad. My arm still hurts, but nothing I can't live with.

    CC, I have a lawyer lined up to deal with the VA. I'm tired of getting screwed around by them.

    There were actually a lot more people here than were needed to do the roof, but it was nice to have them here and it made for a good party afterwards.

  16. Thank goodness for good friends. I hope your arm heals fast. How's the sinus?

  17. A weeks worth of antibiotics didn't cure the problem.


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