Monday, May 20, 2013

And on the Homefront

The Foots got here Friday and we were able to spend a good bit of quality time visiting both here with hot dogs for lunch and at the Legion also. They  brought yet another house (Cabin warming) gift on this trip. They were heading back home today and neither wanted to go. Sure wish they could have stayed a lot longer. I think they will be back again next weekend and should be here for the 6th Legiondary Jam. For anyone in the area that wants to go it will be Sunday the 26th. According to the online forecast its only supposed to get up to 93 that day so if that holds true then it should be real nice by the time it starts that evening. Winds are supposed to be light which should help to with all the people who will be outside on the patio.

This fan will come in real handy at night since it will come from a different power source than the main power system which means I'll be able to run it all night without worrying about it and the fridge running the batteries down enough to cause inverter cutout.
The high here so far for this summer has been 108 and its going to get a lot warmer so I need to get the little refrigerated window unit installed pretty quick. I'll only be able to run it in the heat of the day though. (When there is enough sun on the solar panels to power it and the fridge.) The gas powered charger is broken down now and I haven't been able to figure out the problem so I wouldn't be able to extend the run time of the window unit at night if needed. It will sure be nice to stay halfway cool during the heat of the day though!

On another note... The New Used computer I bought off of ebay a few short months ago was a referb and was also  supposed to come with a brand new battery pack and large hard drive. The battery  pack DIED day before yesterday so I can no longer run it at night without drawing power from the inverter. Its supposed to have a guarantee on it, but getting it warranted would be out of the question if I had to send the whole computer in. Grrrr....

I took the two rear tires off of the falcon this morning and took them and the blown out spare over to Gill's where I'd bought a couple of real good used tires. I should get them back in a few days if not sooner. That with using the one tire that was still pretty good for a spare will pretty near put the falcon back in road worthy condition and I plan to register it again so I'll have a backup vehicle when needed. Being without a vehicle down here really sucks and I'd really like to avoid that situation again. Of course I still need to get the trike running again to have something cheap to putt around on out here.

Still no sign of Booger the dog and I still haven't heard of anyone else seeing him. I'd imagine his time is running out (if it hasn't already)


  1. We just got home about an hour ago. Easy trip in the mush-mobile.

    That fan, with a water bottle mister nearby, sure helps to improve sleeping comfort while you wait for the temps to cool down enough to sleep good. I run it most of the night hooked to a 130AH battery for a couple o nights before having to recharge the batt.

    We had a great time and enjoyed the hot dog lunch the other day.

    See ya soon!


  2. Bigfoot, Glad you made it back ok. I'll probably use the evap as a fan to suck the cooler air in through the front door until it cools down and then switch to the other fan running off of a spare battery I have to sleep under. Enjoyed you'll being here and hope you can make the Jam next Sunday.

  3. That is a nifty fan! Glad you will have something to help you with the extreme temperatures out there.

    The Foots seem like really nice people...hope I get to meet them one day.

  4. MsB, what I need to do is get the little AC installed, a screen door on here where I can leave the door open at night and then use the fan to stay cool then.

  5. Unc,

    I've had things warrantied through sellers on ebay, quite a few times. I'd at least look into it, and do a search on ebay and you should be able to find lot's of batteries for it. I've purchased and had warrantied many laptop batteries that way. You may be surprised! :)

  6. Dale, I will see how it turns out. Got a lot of stuff on my plate right now though.

  7. I know you do, was just meaning not to just give up on it. Mine were usually taken care of with an email, not sure if I ever sent any back. If I did, it was after a new one was sent out. Take care, clear that plate. :)


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