Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hands Across The River

There is a Hands across the river event planned for today. I think its supposed to start about 2:00 PM and last until ??? What it is supposed to consist of is musicians on both sides of the river at Lejitas with people joining hands across the river. This is supposed to be a joint effort between Mexican and American citizens. I think this is to help get another border crossing opened up there.

I think there is a 40% chance of rain in the area so hopefully that will hold off another day. Not sure whether I'll go or not, but that's probably NOT. Would sure be a good photo opp though!


  1. I had never heard of that event before but having a border crossing opened in Lajitas sure beats having to drive to Presidio to cross at Ojinaga.

    Even though I think there are very few people and roads in the Mexican side much like at the Boquillas del Carmen crossing.

    I certainly hope you all get some much needed rain for your area this evening.

    Glad to see you post again :)

  2. From Ojinaga to Lajitas (mexcan side) there use to be a good dirt road 12 years ago and at leat 10 mexican families living in their side. Happened that Border Patrol CLOSED the touristic crossing there, lunch etc. It was $ 1 dolar to cross by boat which the poor Mex kids earned. Many poor kids crossed just to study here in America returned in the afternoon. was very nice, good integration. The action taken by the Border Patrol killed almost all the life,economy etc. arround there including the Lajitas Hotel. That is ridiculous. BAD !!!

  3. MsB, it has happened before and from what I'm told one man bucked the system and took a boat across to hand a family some beer and groceries. That could have been a BIG fine for him, but nothing happened. It would have probably caused a riot if he had been busted.

    Pablo, no argument from me. I think the whole boarder closing is a crock of S__T!

  4. You can go here to see more about this.

  5. Tffnguy thanks for the LINK it s the best i ve seen after that area DEAD because of the current closing that has NO reverse. Very good pics and people very happy. Thought very few lived in the Mex side but seems more than thougth. THANKS dude

  6. Thank you for the link Tffnguy. It was a good article and I loved the pictures.

    I specially liked when the Presidente Municipal (the equivalent of our mayor) and Bill Ivey met half way and hugged.

    I recognized a couple of people in the I believe his name is Don (the gentlemen that builds domes) dancing :-)

  7. MsB, yes that is Don Bryant, but I couldn't tell or recognize who he was dancing with.

  8. surprise check points ? looking for "large amounts of money " if could be wired ? Firearms ? amunition ' If do not go out by car @ the major Exit Ports or roads ! ALL that is GARBAGE from the Feds, more money into Feds, less tourism money into the Border US Cities, as US Tourism has died xxx (Passport Card or Passport required to re-enter) xx GARBAGE, sorry, this comment valid any part near the border ! (lot of US Citizens with no teeth, no dental afordable work or insurance in America, Medicare does not cover dental, HORRIBLE people with NO teeth here xxxx,they used to cross to Mexico for Dental work, now they can not xxx BAD


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