Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gypsy Jess

Maybe Gypsy Jess finally found herself?
Gypsy Jess' Blog


  1. I can't believe I had just left her blog and was checking your blog and its about Gypsy Jess. Nice pictures she has there.

  2. When women gets to the 30 s , you become very experienced, famous author Ovidio (Greece) wrote, about those "delicatessen" can only be bound in those plates. Fact is, the bluish painted motel -Terlingua- (and the romantic Hungarian beard dreamer, Hotel self hand builder) LOST this wonderful human being (Gypsy) ,and all of us commuters or residents there. This pics show what Ovidio spoke about the 30 + years old females. One has to "benefit" from that mature age or it will pass, meaning she might be in the process to understand it, and find her way, before is late (gone) Agree dude ..Dan, now Tom, WOW


  3. UPDATE: New Details In Terlingua Murder 2/6/14

    CBS 7 News Staff
    (Terlingua)- Newly released documents in the arrest of a Terlingua man who is charged with the murder of the owner of the La Kiva Restaurant and Bar give details into what happened to Glen Felts.
    The probably cause affidavit and search warrant affidavit go into detail about how investigators centered on Tony Michael Flint.
    According to the documents, Felts, was killed by blunt force trauma and investigators believed that the death was a murder.
    They add that Flint left the bar with Felts at about 12:00/Midnight on the Tuesday night, and told investigators that Felts fell once outside because both were drunk.
    Flint said that's how Felts got the injuries to his face.
    Investigators also seized clothing and boots from Flint that contained blood.
    An item of clothing belonging to Flint was also found at the crime scene.
    Deputies also stated that Flint's statements about what he was wearing that night conflicted with other witness statements.
    District Attorney Rod Ponton has a hearing scheduled for 3:30pm Thursday to attempt to raise the bond of Tony Flint from $200,000 to $400,000.
    Flint remains jailed in Brewster County.


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