Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Déjà vu

Sure hope we won't see a repeat of last weeks problems!


  1. She will only come in when its raining, snowing or sleeting. Crazy dog!

  2. I certainly hope not for your sake and all the residents of my favorite desert :(

    Please take care, bundle up and fill up your propane tanks.

  3. I just heard a report that Johanna Tabb - the BAD RABBIT CAFE lessor - no longer has her lease. Café is said to be operating on a temporary basis. I am seeking confirmation of this report with the Ranch Manager - Laura Wakefield.

  4. I don't know, but I don't like it there or here in Odessa either. Had to come to Odessa because of pneumonia.

  5. I am so sorry to hear you have pneumonia!

    Though I am glad to hear you are in Odessa in a warm and cozy home.

    Mom was just asking me about you and I told her you had not posted in a while. I remember how concerned she was when you lived in the dungeon. Though she knows you now live in a nice cabin, I think what you went through made an impression on her.

    Take care and may you get well soon.

    1. Well MsB, I'm a lot more comfortable here than I would be in the cabin at home, but not necessarily warmer. I stay warm there now days, but cabin fever is a problem considering how small the cabin is. You can tell your mom that strides are being made in Terlingua to try and get some medical help down there which it most desperately needs. There is a program to get care givers for vets that qualify and I'll be finding out about that at a meeting at the legion next month. Guess I'll see whether I qualify or not then.

    2. I told Mom and both she and I hope that you qualify for the program.

      Hope you are feeling better and glad to know that you are near medical facilities should the need arise but hope it doesn't.

    3. Will be going home tomorrow. Yeah! Love being around family, but have been missing home.


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