Friday, October 29, 2010

Come & Gone, New Storage building & More

Dale & Dwight (Nephew & Grand Nephew) came for another visit. Had a blast and I sure hated to see them leave. Between the two of them the trike is running again, but there is still a carb problem, but it can be lived with. Yesterday we went and picked up an old trailer from the legion that had been given to me by the legion for a donation. It wouldn't have been easy go get without them, but with a little ingenuity we managed to get it from there to here even though it didn't have tires and wheels. I had a set of old spindles that the bearings wouldn't fit so we removed the bearings and put them and some tires on it anyway and it was no trouble to tow it here after that. I did get a cut on my head though when I walked in to the sharp edge of some cut chicken wire. No big deal. The trailer WILL be my new storage building as soon as I can get it built so I can empty the storage building and dungeon and turn them both back in.
 More pictures of this and other things we did which were more fun as follows.

Yep.... BBT is getting closer all the time.
Picture of the rifle range here. Before that Dale & Dwight loading the various toys for the fun.

A Mexican General Grasshopper behind the target. Guess he didn't know that wasn't a good place to be. Note the clipped branches and limbs behind the target.
Dale & Dwight packing.

Had another visitor that decided my shoulder was the place to be and I didn't disturb it for a good 10 minutes. It finally flew away.


  1. So the trailer will be storage for the stuff that's currently in the dungeon? I think that's a black swallowtail butterfly - pretty!

  2. Your nephews are good guys to have on your side :-)

  3. Yes Abby, I plan to widen it and should be able to get the contents of the other storage and the dungeon in it. Between the iron I have and wood in the dungeon I should be able to come up with something to keep the contents of both the dungeon and storage building out of the weather. That will save me $135 a month to go towards putting it to good use around here. (Maybe start on my cabin)

    Sorry to say the butterfly didn't really fly off. It died on my arm and was still clinging to my arm. I guess at the time I figured saying it flew off was better than saying what really happened.

    Did I ever tell you the story of the step daughter I used to have that died of breast cancer? (The day before my birthday) She was about your age. We didn't get along at all when me and the eX first got together, but as the years passed both of us bonded and she really was my daughter. Same with her daughter (except for Grand in front of that) who I helped raise. I code named her Butterfly and I was the only person on the planet to call her that.

    Back to the other story. Just before Dale and Dwight pulled out the butterfly landed on my shoulder and I didn't know it was there. Dale saw it and said you are going to have good luck. I asked why and he pointed to the butterfly on my shoulder. Then he said Laurie came to visit you.

    Back to the butterfly. Its in here with me because I couldn't see letting the ants devour it like the rest of the dead bugs I see around here. Don't know what to do with it, but I guess I'll have company for a while.

    Damn! What a silly old man am I.

  4. Yeah DD, good guys to have around.

  5. you sure have been through it all, Im glad to say you have overcome when many would give up. Glad to see you are still movin forward.

  6. Nick, there's only one option to give up to and I'm not ready for that yet.

  7. I don't think you are a silly old man. I liked your story and I am glad you kept the butterfly.

    Hope that gash on your forehead does not hurt too bad. BTW how is your toothache?

  8. Tffnguy

    Glad you had some fun, I wish I had my own shooting range. I just picked up a (gently used) Springfield M1A and I could use at least 1000 yards (dont know if I would hit anything, but I would try) I like your butterly story. Someone's watching out for you.

  9. "...the butterfly didn't really fly off. It died on my arm..." The butterfly chose you to spend her last moments with and then her spirit flew off, leaving her beautiful shell behind as a gift for you :)

  10. MsB, the cut isn't as bad as it looks and it doesn't bother me. The tooth doesn't bother me much now either.

    captaincrunch, I'm afraid my range won't come close to 1000 feet. I do plan to measure it today just to see how far it is and already have plans to extend it by about another hundred or so feet. I'm envious of your M1A. I'd love to have one. Right now I don't have a long rifle to my name and need to get one of some kind. Best I can do now is short range defense.

    Abby, I guess that's a good way to look at it.

  11. Storage wagon looks good - are you gonna leave the wheels on? Over here if you did that, the wagon and it's contents would go walkabout :)

    The butterfly chose an ideal perch for it's final moments on this planet - a perfect meeting place for softies :)

  12. If you don't have wheels of your own for that trailer, I have some that I'm not using right now. I see the four lug pattern, same as mine. I just changed out the wheels and tires on my little trailer from the 8" wheel, 16" overall tire diameter to the 12" wheel, 20.5 overall tire diameter. I have the old ones sitting in my garage. I have three of them (two on the ground, and one for a spare). Let me know if you need them and I'll bring them next week.
    We went to the indoor shooting range near here last Saturday. I hadn't shot a pistol in years. It's good to stay in practice.

  13. Tffnguy

    I used an M-14 in the Persian Gulf while in the Navy and ever since then I wanted one. I got a really good deal on that M1A and it still cost me a pretty penny. I had to retire from surfing and other sports due to the physical problems I got while in military service so I took up target shooting. My days of surfing hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico are over with. I sold my custom 9'6 Longboard took the money and got a Springfield M1A.

  14. Hey all,

    We rolled back into the D/FW area about 8pm last nite, (Sat) and now (Sun) back at work. Had a great trip out and back, never is long enough. David, when I told you about the butterfly, I couldn't in a million years expected it to stay there and die, it sure fit the situation though. CC, sounds good on the M1A, I hope to be able to pick one up sometime as well. Good luck with the traffic and all in the next weeks, we sure saw a lot of traffic heading that way already.

  15. Dani, I've already pulled the spindles and tires off of it. It will stay right where it is for the near future anyway. Probably for good. Fortunately it came out like the dungeon did when they put it down. Darn near perfectly level. :)

    Allen, thanks for the offer, but I don't need the tires or wheels. I have 4 of them here. Unfortunately they are all 4 lug and I need a 5 lug spare for my trailer. I may keep one of the 4 lug tires on one of the spindles so in case I have a flat on the trailer I can at least change out the whole spindle to use it as a spare.

    captaincrunch, I took an M-14 to Nam with me and kept it for a short time before they took it and gave me an over under grenade launcher/M-16. I loved the M-14 and would sure love to have one of my own! I liked the grenade launcher part of the M-16, but hated the M-16 part.

    Dale, I haven't put the stuff down for the deer yet, but will try to remember to do it in the morning. Right now I'm busy trying to get the storage building unloaded and cleaned out. I've got to go unload the trailer and go back to get the rest of the stuff in there. Then... I guess I'll be cleaning up the back part of the dungeon so all of that stuff will fit in there. I need to start taking the bunks down and use all the wood and stuff in there and the front part to build the storage building.

  16. It looks like a great weekend was had by all. The sky looks nice n' clear out there. At least this weather cooperated.
    I use to have an 8'x30' storage trailer. It was older and I was gonna originally convert it into living quarters but instead it became a storage. Then I got tired of looking at and one day I needed some help on the cabin and me and a guy bartered. I got some labor and material outta him and he got the trailer when the work was done. But while I had it, it served its purpose well. I'm sure your project is going to turn out well. ~Jen

  17. Tffnguy

    went to the shooting range yesterday. My aim is improving with the M1A. Its hard to see the target at 100 yards without a scope (I am near sighted and wear glasses) The .308 ammo is $19.35 for 20 rounds at Walmart, and $10.00 for range fee. This is getting expensive$$ (Its still cheaper than taking a girl out on a date)

  18. CC, the range is sure cheaper than the round trip from D/FW to Terlingua, although not near as much fun as the trip! I won't say anything about the cheaper than a date thing tho, lol. I'd have to agree that the buck a round would sure make it rather pricey after a while. Have you looked on-line for ammo? I keep a search going for .223/5.56 stuff but have never looked for .308. Give me a holler off list for some good dealers to shop with, if you want.
    David, good to hear you've already been making progress on the trailer/storage. I bet that old flooring will give you some kindling for a few days, lol, it was in pretty bad shape. Take care, we're all watching.


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