Friday, April 29, 2011

Dry Thunder Storm

Been sitting out watching the thunder heads to the south and watching the rain make it a short distance down from them before evaporating. Also seeing some lightning which obviously was making it to the ground so that could be a disaster if it strikes where it would start new fires. I've seen the lightening, but as of yet haven't heard the thunder so it must be a good distance from here.

Frann came over this morning and we made a big dent in getting the dungeon cleared out, but most of the stuff is setting outside the tank until I can sort through it to see what to keep and what to trash. Would be about right to get some rain tonight considering there is a lot of stuff out there that I wouldn't want to get wet, but it would be worth loosing some of it just to get some rain. I plan to start sorting through the stuff early in the morning and try to get everything I want to keep in the Dungeon II before finishing cleaning up the dungeon and pulling the front wall I built in to it out.

I don't know if it was the lifting and loading the trailer this morning that caused it or maybe the changing weather, but for the past few hours I've been having some real bad pains in my left shoulder. I'd liken them to having a rusty railroad spike driven in to my shoulder. Fortunately it isn't a constant pain just occasional attacks. Hopefully I can get past it to finish cleaning out the dungeon and getting it ready to go back.

Sorry I missed taking any pictures of the rain falling and never reaching the ground. No other pictures either.

BTW the thermometer read 105 in the shade shortly after Frann left.



  2. Tffnguy

    I dont think you will get any rain untill the monsoon season hits in July at least. 105 degree's in the shade this early in the summer is something. The water temp. in the Gulf of Mexico already in the 70's so I assume the pacific side of Mexico will also have high water temps and an early hurricane season that will send lots of rain inland towards your region this summer.

  3. Frann, I did finally hear a little thunder in the distance, but no drops here. Thanks for the help yesterday. You forgot your chair again and also the pallets. I intended to tell you you could borrow my little refrigerated AC unit. You'd have to run the generator while using it, but I figure your generator doesn't use a lot of gas and if the heat got too bad it might be worth buying the gas to cool down. Should do a fair job in that motor home as small as it is.

    CC, that would be about right to go from drought to flooding. Glad I'm on high ground if that's the case! Some of the places around here get swamped when it rains a lot.

  4. I am worried about the chest pain my cousin described his heart attack about like that last week.

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  5. vbklein, looks like someone already makes something like that. I'd rather build my own out of used wood and personalize it to my needs though. Probably save a fortune to.

    I'm not afraid the pain is a heart attach I have a torn rotor cuff in my left shoulder and it is coming from the same area. I figure I just made it worse by lifting a lot of junk I shouldn't have. It had to be done though so I didn't have much choice. I did take some aspirin after it started though because at the time I was a little worried about that to.

  6. Frann caused the pain, he he he

  7. Looks like we are due some rain for the next few days here in the D/FW area, I'll believe it when I see it though. We need some rain but not near as much as a good soaking would do you out there. I'd sure like to hear you had some rain to knock your fire hazard down a notch too. Dwight and I'll knock one back in hopes you get a good shower out your way. Take care of that arm and yourself.

  8. I have a torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder..have that same stabbing pain when I over-do it, which is pretty much every day at work.

    You can take Aleve, 3 in the morning and 2 at night. Yes I know this is more that the label suggests, however I work with a physician who is a pain doc, and this would be prescription strength. Pack ice on it, that should help too.


  9. this is a great web site thanks for posting it. Lots of ideas here fran good luck in your endever to a good nights sleep.

  10. Terry, I took 3 Aleve once and it gave me bad chest pains so I haven't taken it since. I do Advil, but it leaves a lot to be desired even taking 4 of them at a time.

    BTW scientist have separated one compound from a really deadly snake's venom that does nothing besides stop pain. Its supposedly 100 times more potent at blocking pain than opium, isn't addictive and doesn't make you drugged up. (it just blocks all pain) Sure wish I could get my hands on some of it.


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