Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jicky's Land

I went by yesterday and picked up Frann and Jicky to go and try to find Jicky's land. Didn't have much luck at all because it looks like the road is pretty well grown over.
This was looking back at the direction we had to park the jeep and walk in. Never got close to her land though. They... (Frann and Jicky) thought maybe we could get to the land by going down Long Draw (A dry creek bed most of the year) since the road seemed to be impassible. That didn't work.

Frann seen here after saying "To heck with this!" and heading back to the jeep. Jicky is a fast walker and neither Frann nor I could keep up with her. Frann did take an alternative rout up a lower bank to see if she could find the old road, but where she went up there wasn't any sign of it. Jicky finally walked back to where I was and then we started trying to find frann, but she had pulled a disappearing act. We finally found her about a half mile further down on 170 and went to pick her up. To me it looks like the next step would either be to walk the road in and see how bad it is, but considering the distance the land is off of 170 that would probably be about a 4 mile hike and probably too far to walk in this high heat we are having.
Land as seen from Google Earth.

I've been intending to take a picture of this to post on my TFFN site because it is an old Ford Falcon Econoline. I finally stopped and snapped this picture on the way back home.


  1. tffnguy, when I said maybe I'll run into you sometime I didn't expect it to be so soon! LOL!! I haven't been off my land in three weeks, and then I run into you at the store. Glad I did, it was good talking with you.

    Is Jicky's land part of Terlingua Ranch? If so, then they are supposed to clear a road for her to get to it. It looks like rough territory.

  2. Yeah Jake, that was a surprise. Good to talk to you again to. As far as Jicky's land goes. No it isn't part of TR so I suspect the cost of clearing the road will be on her. Could be REAL expensive. :(

  3. Think she's going to be able to do it? I hate to see people get into landlocked desert property . . . too much of that happening. That is what attracted me to Terlingua Ranch . . . at least I could find my property and know there will be roads to it . . . not perfect roads, but they are there. I imagine some surveying will be needed before equipment can be brought in . . . man, that sucks!

  4. Jake, at this time she is determined that she will be able to get to and eventually live on the land, but I'm not so sure of that happening without her having to spend a fortune getting the road where she can use it. according to google earth the road isn't very well defined and looks like it may be washed out and non existent in several places. Walking the road would likely be way more than the maybe 2 miles to the land and it looks like to me right now the only way to get to it would be by foot and walking north northwest to the land coordinates by using a GPS.

  5. Thanks tffnguy. There is nothing quite like a determined woman! But what you are describing sounds a bit too formidable without deep pockets. I really hope she can overcome . . . overcomers make great neighbors! I like your blog because it is like a narrative of someone overcoming life's obstacles to achieve a little peace and freedom. Jicky is Desert Rose isn't she? I hope she can get to where she starts posting on this stuff. It will be big help and inspiration to others.

  6. I really am determined to get in there. What I'm hoping is that the gentleman I bought the land from gets back to me sometime soon and tells me his route to the land. I was supposed to come down last December and he was going to take me in, but I couldn't make it down and now he's overseas working and apparently not online. I am a patient woman. Overcomers unite! Hope to see you sometime, Jake.

    Frann really did give a scare. We couldn't hear her, couldn't see her and we were really relived to see her walking down 170 towards us.

  7. Jicky, nice to meet you, online that is. I look forward to meeting in person sometime as well.

    Well spoken, your patience is the key! I hope you can get word to him somehow, and get on to building your dream.

    Your concern for Frann during her walk-about shows you to be a friend. I'm sure she values that!

  8. Hi- I own 20 acres in that neighborhood. I think we're neighbors. A better road would benefit us all. Wonder if the county would help?

    I was able to get to my tract by following the creekbed, and then crossing over to the old mining trail in a 4-wheel drive jeep- but it was rough going.

  9. Pat OB, it would be real useful to find another way in to that property. Do you have some sort of map to get there?

    The creek bed is now blocked off by T-Posts and cord strung across them. That was the reason we were walking in in stead of driving. Google earth doesn't show any old buildings in that area and Jicky says there should be an old cat house that was to serve the miners back then. GE doesn't show any sign of it and it should. I'm wondering if who ever sold the land to her might not have taken her to land easier to get to and said it was her's I know that sort of thing happens a lot.

  10. I was Pat's tour guide on two trips there. First we drove up the creek (w-o a paddle) until we couldn't go farther - walked half a
    mile and climbed to creek bed to his land. 2nd time we found the freeway "entrance.

    The entrance to the "road" to that property is one half mile up-the-creek - on the left. Its a quick steep climb with 4wd.

    Once on that road it will take you to the property. Most of it is in good shape. It narrows down to a foot path in some places
    and disappears completely in others -but passable. Just north of Pat's property the road has a steep tilt and a wash out- we
    stopped there - think that's right at Jicky's.

    That road actually meets 170 but has been completely washed out by the construction and drainage from the FM170 pavement- we walked it and found the "entrance" on the creek (draw).

    This was 1.5yrs ago - some erosion has surely occurred. There are some primitive structure ruins on Pat's land.

  11. The directions above are 'the only way in' and
    its only about 2.5 miles after you get on the "road".

    You can get close on Villa Delamina Rd, but
    it dead ends on the other side of a mtn ridge
    from Jicky's land. Her road also comes down
    from the north -BUT - its winding 10-15 miles
    thru the Solitario via canyons and draws.

    Just go under the ropes, find the 'entrance',
    jump on the road and follow the GPS.

    ('entrance' refers to 1 half mile up the creek)

    Porter Const can re-do the "road" from 170
    to the 'entrance', then fix a few places
    along the road. (the state has to give ingress
    from FM170 and other property owners have to
    give access)

  12. Hi Guy's and gal's is there not a place around there that rents 4X4 motor cycles you could use to get to the property? Or you could ask the park service to give you a lift out in a chopper they do that some times if you pay for the fuel...Good luck in finding the place..

  13. We should have asked the blog-o-sphere sooner!!I go wander through the desert all the time..don't worry about me..

  14. Thanks a bunch D Dude. I'm planning on going to get them EARLY Friday morning and we can try that. (If they don't jump the gun and take the pickup)

    Ricky, I don't know if there is a place that rents quads or not, but don't think there is. If there was it would probably be cost prohibitive. (At least for me)

    Frann, I guess Jicky is getting all of this?

  15. Great Stuff, guys.

    Hello, Pat and Dome Dude. I didn't think I had a neighbor up there. I've been up there in 4x4 trucks a few times and Roundhat Dave took me up on his quad. Never did see anything resembling a way up to the road, though I nay have been close the other day. We're going back early Friday morning and maybe we'll find it then.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Jicky on Frann's computer :)

  16. Tffnguy

    I did not know access to some properties was that bad. I guess it would almost pay for itself to own a back-ho with a blade and front end loader attachment.
    If I ever move out there, maybe I could fix roads and cut roads.
    My sign would say (
    (Tractor for Hire, Will work for beer, coffee, and diesel. Give all beer to TFFNGUY)
    I want red diesel and leaded coffee.

  17. CC, that sounds like a great plan to me. I'll even share the beer.

  18. CC...How soon can you be here!!

  19. Like Dome Dude says, it's been a year and a half since I've been out there. I've been focusing on my cabin, but thinking about that 20 acres and how beautiful it is.

    Once I get my cabin in Big Bend Valley up to "livable," I'd like to focus on putting some kind of camping environment on my land near Jicky's.

    A road to the land would be a useful thing. It would decrease the privacy and tranquility, though.

    Finding someone with a blade to make the road sounds easy enough. The challenge would be getting permission from the other property owners.


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