Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I kept watching thunder heads build around here late yesterday afternoon, but they all seemed to collapse about the time the sun was going down. Never the less a storm did come through and it more or less came a sprinkle for about an hour last night. I only saw signs of standing water in one place and that was in an inverted smoker lid. Hey... Its a start and I think there are supposed to be more chances this week. Of course it will probably be muggy today, but at least the temp is supposed to be a good bit cooler for at least the next 5 days.

Last night's Photos.


  1. 'Splains your hectic heat earlier in the week - we also have that - hot as hell and then the rain!

    Here's hoping you have lots more... :-)

  2. Dani, it wasn't near enough, but I won't gripe.

  3. I just posted my blog..I believe we were taking pictures of the same clouds! Stay cool..

  4. The clouds I took pictures of (Thunder heads) were to the south so it probably was the same one. The other pictures were looking almost directly west.

  5. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be much cooler or should that be less hot Yesterday it got back up to 109 here. Now I notice the forecast says back in the hundreds today rather than the 90s like it was saying yesterday. :(

    Just Me came by with a gift of an Early Girl tomato plant and some soil so I'll be adding to my tub garden. Thanks Just Me. Shortly after she got here Nick showed up with a watermelon so the three of us had at it. Thanks Nick. We went to the legion for a short while and then Nick dropped me off and I sat in the shade until about sunset because it was 95 in here even though the swamp cooler had been running.

  6. Hey tffnguy. I've been quietly following your blog for a few months. What you, John Wells, and others are doing in no-man's-land is one of my goals. Of course my wife will have no part of it! Maybe I'll eventually wear her down. Anyway, just wanted to say that my first car was a cream-colored '63 Falcon Sprint (automatic, stock 260 V8). I eventually sold it. I miss it now and wish I had kept it. Ran like a champ and simple to work on. It was in great shape and only cost me $125.00 (it was 150.00, but the owner felt sorry for me) in 1973. I was in the tenth grade and had my first license. Falcons were good cars. Hopefully before too long, I'm going to check out your area and maybe even try out the 241 burger night (my weakness). By the way, I'm with you on "leveling the playing field," but do want the dangerous folks off the roads.

  7. Children must play Nick. I have to admit I'm a lot better looking than you are, but how about using your own picture for your profile instead of mine!!!

    Jim, you might want to spend some time down here with your wife before you buy land. There have been a many a women leave their husbands because they didn't like it down here.

    I love the 63 sprints. Jay Leno has one. Of curse he probably has about every other type car made to though.


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