Thursday, June 30, 2011

No One Recognizes Me!

Now that I'm usually driving Frann's old ride no one recognizes me or thinks I'm Frann one. Her dogs still think its their ride to and jump through the windows when I pull up to her place (If I don't have the windows up too far for them to jump through. ) They are also hell to get out of it once they get in. I wonder if the below solution would cure both problems?
What Ya Think?

And on another Note...
It got pretty cloudy around here yesterday afternoon and I didn't want to be without the Swampy last night so I left it off all afternoon and just opened the two windows with screens on them and left the door open with the screen door closed. It was windy enough and the humidity was low enough that it wasn't bad in here. Cloudy days sure do cut down on solar power!

Looks like we may have some cloud cover off and on for the next several days so I guess I better get used to going with out the Swampy for a while.


  1. Tffnguy

    Good Idea!

    Another idea, paint the Jeep light brown and paint in black stencil on the side,

    "Terlingua or Bust Cab Co". (will drive for beer)

    Maybe go one step further, start a bar.

    "Terlingua or Bust bar and grill"

    If you got women there,

    "Terlingua or Bust bar and brothel" (all you need is couple of old Airstreams with working A/C units out back of bar)

    Im sure they would bust your bar and brothel (becouse they want the Tax Dollars)

  2. CC, I might try the stencil part on the two tone paint job, but I don't like Brown! The way they are closing businesses down here I think I'll pass on the bar and grill. They would make me get a commercial sized septic system. As for the Cat House. Talk to JW. He's the one with the Airstream. Besides all of that the woman down here will not cooperate in such things. ;)

  3. I think a paint job would help. Those dogs jumping in the windows are a menace. Frann is trying to train them to ride in the bed of the pickup.

    No, the gals down here will not be associated with any brothels ; )

  4. That caused a smile and a chuckle!

    Captaincrunch has some interesting ideas too!

    However, you are going to need a LOT larger array of solar panels to run the A/C! And I have never figured out why they would bust something like that cause if they regulated it there will be more $$$ in the till to spend. Of course, they would have to hire someone to handle the paperwork and code enforcement too.

  5. Jq&t, Sort of makes you wonder doesn't it. People that are so inclined will do it anyway without giving o'l Uncle Sam his share.

    I have trouble dealing with one woman at a time so the only way I'd be a pimp is to be the pretend type. ;)

  6. Dunno - reckon just a plain "tffn" stencil would do. :-)

  7. Dani, the color combination on the falcon seems to be my signature down here. ;) I'm always telling people I need to restore it and they about always say "No don't. It would loose its character." They may be right. At any rate people usually know who I am when they see me coming in it. That's how I meet a lot of the blog followers. They don't recognize me they recognize the falcon and then introduce themselves after that. :(

  8. Dang! They've dropped the chance of rain for today and tomorrow to 0% and lowered it to 10% from 20% for Saturday and Sunday. At least the forecast is still calling for a little cooler days and nights. (Probably still over 100 here).

  9. I love the new look on the Jeep! So do we show up with spray cans or what????

  10. I want it TWO tone Frann not TEN Tone. ;)

  11. No No No Jicky. TWO Tone Three at the most. ;) Brandy suggested Hot Pink. NO WAY!!!! No purple, green or yellow either.

  12. Tffnguy

    All this gives me a new idea for a re-make of the old ZZ top song, "Home on la Grange"

    "Home on Terlingua Ranch"

    I hear that the resort and the rest of Terlingua ranch operation thing is up for sale? Turn that into a world class 'Bordello" and I bet that would increase tourism.
    Why should Nevada get all the money? All that extra income would pay for everyones fee and extra roads to be graded.
    I got to write a letter to Gov. Perry legalize the bordello industry and bring jobs to Brewster County.

    Terlingua Ranch Economic Development Corporation, Bar, Grill and Brothel.

  13. CC, you've got Brothel stuck in your brain. Maybe you need to pay a visit to one to get it out of there. There's bound to be one around where you live somewhere. Just ask around at a few bars.

  14. Tffnguy

    that was the funniest thing I heard all day, almost spilled my coffee I was cracking up so hard....

    I got a friend of mine who did a research paper on legalizing prostitution and he's worse than me. Im just doing this for the jokes.

    Im glad you guys got some laughs. With the chaos in the world and Border Patrol out numbering rabbits in Terlingua, you need to laugh.

  15. Get some black and white and paint it up to look like the safari jeeps nobody will miss that coming down the road and its easy to do to..

  16. Ricky, I think I'll pass on that. No Zebras down this way that I know of.

  17. I laughed so much with this post yesterday. Wanted to post a comment but blogger would not let me, kept listing me as Anonymous and directed me to log in every time I hit the post comment button :(

    CaptainCrunch has a great sense of humor :D


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