Saturday, November 19, 2011


My neighbor says lately something big keeps digging out big holes around where their septic system was put in. He said he has been covering up the holes and spraying kerosene on the dirt, but each night what ever is doing it just moves over and starts digging again. Now what ever it is has started digging up here and there are huge holes started all over the place around here. I assume badgers?
These and quiet a few other holes were dug last night, but I never heard a thing. Doubt that it could be anything else other than a badger, but I'll sure be on the lookout after dark and will have a flash light and pistol handy to. Its cool enough at night not to worry about rattle snakes now, but I sure wouldn't want to tangle with what ever is digging!


  1. Yep, Badgers are all over the place down there.

  2. Sure can dig a nice hole, whatever it is! It's a shame you can't catch it and train it to dig where you want it to!

    Might be a ill tempered critter! The gun might just come in handy!

  3. I would say badger also.....dig'n up some dinner.
    Unless you are an expert shot with a're only gonna get one shot, I would opt for a shot gun and flashlight. If your first shot don't scare him away, he gonna be climb'n your ass and take that pistol right out your heavily mutilated hand. Even bears run from a pissed off badger.

  4. Live trap and haul him over to the Field Lab and dump him.
    JW will put him to work digging fence posts.

  5. I bet its something with a wide butt.
    Happy belated birthday.

  6. You guys are all wrong!

    Them there's are Marfa light holes. Marfa lights gotta have to have a place to hide in the day. They pop out at night and travel at lightspeed to Marfa just to freak out the tourist folk.

    If you want to feed a Marfa light, drop off a six pack of beer with a fresh car batterie on a piece of wood at the end of John Wells road at the Field Lab late at night. The next day, your beer and battery will be gone.

    If you car batterie dies at night, its been fed on by a Marfa light.

  7. Rattle snake bit Tom Ramsay recently in the morning, and I found a snake not too long ago in the morning. BEEEE careful.

  8. Whatever it is I don't think I would want to confront it at night or any other time for that matter.

  9. About that gentlemen that was bit by the rattlesnake, was he treated in Terlingua or did they have to take him to Alpine?

  10. Bkid, maybe so, but I've never seen one since I've been here. I do understand that they are nocturnal though.

    HJ, they are good diggers, but all the holes they've tried to dig right in this area have failed because they run in to solid rock without being able to get very deep. Maybe they will figure out this isn't a good place and move on?

    BB, riot shotgun with a laser it will be.

    2 Dogs, that would work provided JW was the one that let it out of the cage. Don't think I'd want that job!

    Andy, I guess I'm going to have to get a night vision camera and if viewed on my wide screen monitor not only would it's butt look wide, but I suspect the whole thing would look that way.

    CC, I think its a Chupacabra, but I don't have any goats around here for it to suck the blood from.

    Nick, I still watch for them myself unless its downright cold outside.

    MsB, from what I've heard they don't do snake bites in Alpine. They supposedly put you on a medical chopper and rush you to Odessa. Seems strange if thats true since this is rattle snake country.

  11. I'd guess skunk or armadillo if you've got both in the area. I don't recall ever seeing a badger's digging so near a human habitation. Just guessing though. Jules

  12. Jules, I can't say there aren't any skunks or armadillos around here, but I've never seen any nor smelled any skunks. I do know there are badgers here though. When I moved on this land there was a couple of places where animals could dig pretty easy. Those areas are pretty small though and one is real close to this trailer. The rest of the property is plate rock about 4 to 6 inches deep so the badgers probably said screw him and started digging in the easy dig area anyway?

    Yep Sharon, but the wind genny used to vibrate the ground a lot and its still standing. ;)


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