Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Local News and Such

Thought I'd show off the birthday cake my sister made for my brother in law (Ring) and I.
Well it was a cake and a VERY delicious one. (Chocolate cinnamon), but I just polished off the last of it earlier this afternoon. My birthday is today and Ring's was a couple of days ago so he came down and we celebrated together. BTW  I'm 39 today. You believe that don't you? ;)

This is the old party table I put together just before the last party. I need to get the blueboard (Foam) taken off and put back in the tank because the sun is eating it up. Once I do that I'll eventually have enough of the spools shown below to take the place of the old party table and be able to use all those pallets for something more constructive. I think three of the spools should do it so hopefully Ring can bring two more on his next visit.
And now for the local news. Since this is my birthday and I needed a couple of things from the store I went in to SB this morning and was going to treat myself to breakfast. My neighbor Robert rode in with me and once we'd finished breakfast Lanette informed me that she picked up the tab. Not only that, but she took a chocolate cup cake and put a single candle in the center and sat it in front of me. Then her and Kim the waitress began to sing happy birthday and a couple of other people in the restaurant joined in and clapped once they were through. Nick showed up after that and wished me a happy birthday and also had good news. You can read about it below.

In other news GOOD NEWS for some of the Terlingua Ranch land owners.
Quote Nick "well to be a little more acurate: I said the attorney for the ranch told the ranch that they are not able to bar anyone from running or voting because they havent paid their dues. Its based off of a law suit in another area . but applies to us.

Basically the same thing. so if any of you who are not paying your dues which are legally assessed to you, want to run for the board or vote then its very good news for you." End Quote

I suspect this will cause a BUNCH of changes with the ranch. I hope so anyway. The Mahan brothers stopped by for a visit last week and Don said he is running for the board again and I told him I couldn't vote because I'm behind on the fees. The new ruling changes that and he'll get my vote now. Hopefully you other land owners will do the same. IF you don't get a ballot in the mail for the next election then you might want to contact the ranch office and ask to be sent one. I'll try to find out when that will be and post on this blog.
Update... According to Lance if you haven't received a ballot by Dec 20th you should call them.

Also more GOOD NEWS. Just Me found out that you can shop online at Walmart and if you order $45 or more worth then they send them to you free of shipping. This could be a very good thing for us down here. Bad part is they use FedEx and the FedEx drivers down here don't give a flip and don't even try to find most of the places out on the ranch. Might be that IF you can catch the driver and tell them how to get to your place they will try it, but I wouldn't bet on it. I think that's been tried a lot of times and seldom works. Anyway I may start using it and have it sent to the Legion until I can see if they can find this place.

Grub Shack news
Ring and I ate at the Grub Shack Sunday afternoon and I talked to Jerry. He said that would be the last day of the meals for donations. He said construction will  begin soon on getting the septic system in and then he hopes they will be able to resume normal operation on the first or second weekend of December. Sure will be nice to have a place to eat out this way again! BTW they had some dynamite home made chili, Frito's, cheese and other stuff to go with it and served home made chocolate ice cream for desert. Good thing because the chili was pretty spicy (Hot).

Burn Ban Update Thanks to RV Rover


  1. Happy Birthday! Boy, that cake looks good!
    That's good to know about Walmart--our closest one is 45 minutes away.

  2. Rubye Jack, our closest one is about 120 miles away and from what I hear prices are a lot higher than the other stores for some reason. Fortunately the online orders don't come from there.

  3. for the locals I just got this email news alert from NewsWest 9.

    Fire Burning at Fort Stockton Hotel

    Hello, David Breaking News from NewsWest 9

    Staff Report
    NewsWest 9

    FORT STOCKTON - NewsWest 9 has learned that a fire is burning at a hotel in
    Fort Stockton.

    Fort Stockton Police tell NewsWest 9, the fire is burning at the Best
    Western located 3201 W. Dickinson Blvd.

    Officials have evacuated the second floor of the hotel.

    Former Fort Stockton Mayor Ruben Falcon tells NewsWest 9, the area is blocked off at this time.

    We're told the fire started in an attic just before 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

    NewsWest 9 has a crew on the way to Fort Stockton.

    Stay tuned to NewsWest 9 and NewsWest9.com for the very latest.

    Log on to http://www.newswest9.com for the latest on this story.

  4. Happy Birthday! FYI the notice I read said that if you had not received a ballot by Dec 20 that you should call. As always take care, can't wait to join you down there but life keeps throwing hills in the way!

  5. I feel for you Lance. I think there are quiet a few people in the same boat. Thanks for the info about voting.

  6. Happy happy David. Yes I believe you ARE 39...and I'm 40....lol

    Sorry to hear about the Fort Stockton fire. Hey, speaking of fires...is the burn ban still on down there? Can we take a fire pit and have a camp fire in the evenings without getting in trouble or causing a hazard?

    We just had a bunch of rain here in San Antonio today...Thank god....so things are looking up.

  7. WOW,, Just how many scorpios are there,,mine was the 10th, BB, Hobo, now you too. Goodness gracious!! AND,,we"re all 39! hehehe

  8. ooo yeah, i order from Walmart online too, but didn't know about the free shipping. Must be new. Knew they'd send it to ur nearest store free.

  9. Terry, unfortunately they extended the burn ban for another 90 days. I have a feeling they won't ever lift it even though most of the ranch has greened up a good bit. The ban still calls for no outside burning or cooking period. Believe it or not that even includes propane cookers and BBQ pits. What a crock!!!

    BTW the rattle snakes are still out during the warm of the days. A local got bit Sunday.

  10. TnT, I guess there are a lot of us 39 year olds. I've been 39 for quiet a few years now. ;)

    Just Me has already used it and they delivered to her. Guess you need to check in to it.

  11. David, what a coincidence! I'm 39 also!
    The WalMart deal sounds pretty good. Too bad about the FedEx, though. You might also try Amazon, too. Except for food, they cary pretty much everything, and on orders over $25 shipping is free. Don't know who they use to ship, though.
    Best of luck with all, and I hope you had a fantastic B'day!

  12. Allen, I think Amazon uses FedEx to because I know a woman that got a lot from them, but had the stuff shipped to the legion because the driver wouldn't deliver to her place. It wasn't even far off 118 or hard to get to.

    Also you have to pay $75 for that service don't you? Groceries would be the main thing I'd order online.

  13. Happy birthday David, for some strange reason I thought you were turning 29 this year.

  14. Bkid, that's probably because I look so young for my age. ;)

  15. Just added an update about the status of the Grub Shack to this blog if anyone is interested.

  16. Everything I order from Amazon is shipped by UPS.

    Happy Birthday youngster.

  17. David - My friend, Happy, Happy Birthday :) The smallest remnants of the cake look like it was moist and delicious. See you guys did it justice LOL

    S'funny, I was under the impression that you we going to be turning 38 - are you sure 39 is correct? Whatever, sounds like you had a good day.

    Hectic about no flame ban - dunno how I'd cope. Especially as you don't have a solar oven. But I've very glad that the GS is getting ready to open it's doors again - will be good to know that all of you can get a decent meal and ditch at least one spam / highly synthetic cheese meal a week. Please thank Jerry and Eva for me :)

  18. Here's some good news on the burn ban:


  19. Thanks BB

    Dani, Thanks. Nope 39.

    RV Rover, Thanks for the link. That will help some especially when I BBQ over trash. ;)

  20. Happy belated Birthday Wishes, buddy!

    Only 39, huh? Heck, I think I have socks that old! Actually, I have a birthday on the 21st and I'll be...I forget! I just know that I quit counting when I ran out of fingers and toes!

    Have a good one, my friend!

  21. well to be a little more acurate: I said the attorney for the ranch told the ranch that they are not able to bar anyone from running or voting because they havent paid their dues. Its based off of a law suit in another area . but applies to us.

    Basically the same thing. so if any of you who are not paying your dues which are legally assessed to you, want to run for the board or vote then its very good news for you.

  22. Well thanks for pointing that out Nick. At any rate I think a lot of board members would have to be voted out and a bunch of new ones voted in for much to change. I guess time will tell.

  23. Happy belated birthday David. What a coincidence I'm also 39 :D


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