Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Pix 4 2day

Got a few pictures I could post, but didn't want to mess with downloading them from the camera. One was of the north end of 9 Points Mesa blocked from view from a sand storm. Five minutes later it was totally blocked from view as is most everything else within a mile around here now. The wind is terrible right now, but fortunately its basically out of the north and only the north end of this trailer is taking the blows so it isn't too bad. If it was out of the east or west I'd probably be sitting it out in the tank! Once again it reminds me of the time the old barn disappeared in the wind storm.

This morning I went over and helped a friend do a concrete job at his place for a guest hut and patio. Haven't done much since other than running in to Nick at the legion and BS'ing with him for a while. Was nice since I don't see much of him anymore.

Friday a ride share is planned for Alpine and I'll take the trailer and three of my friends along on a supply run. I don't want any part of down south with the chili cook off going on. Supplies will be cheaper and we plan to do the Chinese buffet there for lunch before coming back this way.

Now... I got a call from an assertive sounding voice this afternoon. (Supposedly with the Texas State Trooper's Association) I told him I wasn't interested and before I cold carry on with the conversation telling him they shouldn't call residents in this area while the Chili Cook Off is going on he hung up on me! I was about to tell him they will likely be PISSED OFF at the troopers for harassing locals as well as people going to and from the cook off.

Oh well... I guess I'll go blow my nose since I feel like I've inhaled a few pounds of dirt by now.


  1. Tffnguy

    I read one of your post from aways back about how bad your right knee is.
    I also have a torn up right knee and have had two major surgeries on it. I have two knee braces, one I tried on for five minutes and never used and a good one that was custom made that works better for me.
    If you want I will send you the one I used for five minutes. Its brand new and sits in the garage.
    If you want the one I am not using, send me an address via my e-mail (that "crunch" is from arthritus:(

    I would build a ramp to your trailer. I know lots of other veterans that have ramps of all kinds (you can always use it to roll kegs of beer into your trailer)

  2. cc, I can use the ramp, but not for a keg because I don't have a fridge in here to put it in. The inverter wouldn't run the fridge I was planning to buy. Don't want a brace you wouldn't wear because I probably wouldn't either if its that bad. Thanks anyway.

  3. Tffnguy

    That brace I have is kinda expensive like $60.00 or something. Has velcro straps to tighten it and its made out of that rubbery stuff they make wetsuits out of.

    The custom brace I got from the VA cost $1300.00 (its only worth about $200.00 worth of materiels, workmanship and with a nice profit to boot) The VA got hosed by that vendor.
    It works real well has hinges and straps etc.

    If your still interested just e-mail me. On the Keg thing, you dont store beer. You drink it!
    In the winter, that cold keg of beer will last for awhile. If you tell a bunch of people in Terlingua you have a keg a beer you need to drink, you will lots of friends come over real fast.

  4. cc, if the government will pay $50,000 for a toilet seat then I'd say they got a real bargain at $1,300 for that.

    If I let it out that I had a keg here then I'd have to have a beer truck to come replace it three times a day. I'd also put the legion and most of the bars in the area out of business. Wouldn't go too good on my budget either so I think I'll pass on that.


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