Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day & an Obit

First off let me wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day. Hope you all have a great one.

And on the Obit? One of my granddaughters posted this on FB and I was obliged to post it here.
Sounds like he had a full life.

And on another note I've checked with Dave at the Legion about having sort of a memorial party in honor of Carroll Shelby after his death last Thursday. If this materializes it will probably be held on Saturday May 26th and the Shelby racing group along with any people that were influenced by the legend would be invited.


  1. Should i know this Jerry Mac Morgan?

    1. Not that I know of TnT, I didn't even know him and nor did my granddaughter. Her other granddad called it to her attention and she posted it on FB because she thought it was funny. I posted it here because I thought the same thing.

  2. I knew a few of those people but their names were different. Maybe they changed the names to protect the innocent, yea right.

  3. DD, I wonder if a few people like Jack Danial, Jim Beam and the like were missed? At any rate he sounds like the type guy that would have approved of the memorial and where its to be located. Maybe they'll have one at the legion when I go? ;)

  4. I bet a few folks were missed, lol. What a great obit.

  5. Denese, I could come close to that obit myself. Only have two ex wives though. That was enough for me!

  6. Jerry Mac Morgan sounds like the type of guy that would have been a lot of fun to know.

    I did not know that Carroll Shelby had passed away recently. I am sorry, I know he was well liked and respected in the area.

  7. MsB, Carroll Shelby was a legend in most countries that do or have produced high performance cars and not just down here. He was also one more WWII vet to leave us. It would take a hell of a person to fill his void.


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